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Zoo Camp Handbook

Drop-Off & Pick-Up


On the first day of camp all campers will meet their counsellors at the Camper Drop-Off Space*. Please bring your confirmation email which will indicate the name of the group (eg. Zoo Kids/Explorers/Adventurers/Discoverers/BioCamp) and the group number (eg. 1/2/3).

Please observe public health safety guidelines when dropping off/picking up your child(ren).

To assist with sign IN and sign OUT at the Camper Drop-Off Space please locate the sign for your child(ren)'s camp group(s) and the appropriate group number as indicated in your confirmation email.

Parents/guardians/caregivers should check in with the appropriate counsellor(s) by stating the child's name and then identifying themselves. Upon sign OUT, parents/guardians/caregivers or other authorized individuals must locate the appropriate camp group, identify themselves using valid photo I.D., and complete the sign out authorization process before leaving. Campers must be signed IN/OUT by an authorized individual as listed during the camper's registration. Individuals picking up campers must be 16 years of age or older. For safety reasons, all parents, caregivers, and other authorized individuals must present a valid photo I.D. to the camp counsellors upon pick up of each camper.

Counsellors will verify the camper information using the attendance sheets. At times, this process may involve a brief wait period as we ensure that all information is correct and campers are safely signed in/out.


Zoo Camp hours are from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Before & After Care is available from 7:45am to 5:30pm.


Drop off and pick up takes place at the Camper Drop-Off Space. Please arrive by 9:00 am to meet your child's counsellor(s) and check your child IN. At 3:30 pm counsellors will bring children back to the Camper Drop-Off Space for pick up by parent/guardian/caregiver or other authorized individual(s). Children must be SIGNED OUT before leaving.

Please note: If your child is not registered for After Care and is not picked up on time, they will be taken to After Care and additional fees will be charged to the credit card on file. A $15 fee will apply to campers who are picked up by 4:00 pm. A $1 per minute fee, in addition to the $15 fee, will also apply for campers who are picked up after 4:00 pm.


At the time of your child's registration for camp, names are listed for individuals authorized to pick up the camper during Zoo Camp hours and at the end of the day. Individuals authorized to pick up children from camp will require photo I.D.

For safety reasons, all parents, caregivers, and other authorized individuals must present a valid photo I.D. to the camp counsellors upon pick up of each camper. The names listed during the camper's registration must match exactly what is stated on that individuals' photo I.D. For example, if the name on the registration is "Mandy Smith", the photo I.D. that is presented must have the name "Mandy Smith", not "Amanda Smith".

Acceptable photo identification includes: driver's license, government issued I.D., or passport.

If you would like to add additional names to the authorized pick-up list for your child, please notify the Zoo Camp office in writing via email at [email protected]. Please use the email address in your registration profile.

Children aged 11 and under are not permitted to sign themselves out of Zoo Camp.

With parental consent, children aged 12 and up have the option of signing themselves out of Zoo Camp at 3:30 pm. Toronto Zoo is not responsible for campers after 3:30 pm who sign themselves out. Parental permission is required for this privilege. Alternatively, a supervised After Care program is available for all campers (fee applies, pre-registration required).

Please provide permission on the online registration or via email to [email protected].

The main contact for Zoo Camp. This individual is authorized to pick up the child from Zoo Camp.

Emergency Contact
This individual will be contacted if we cannot contact the parent. This individual is authorized to pick up the child from Zoo Camp if contacted in case of an emergency. Under normal circumstances, this person is not authorized to pick up the child unless added to the Pick-Up Authorization list.

Pick-up Authorization
The individuals listed are authorized to sign in and out your children from Zoo Camp.


This option for campers whom parents and/or guardians have authorized to travel to and from camp by themselves. Travel by Self campers must sign in and out at the Camper Drop-Off Space at 9:00 am and 3:30 pm with the rest of the campers. Please provide permission on the online registration or via email to [email protected]. This option is only available to children who are 12 years old and older, unless another sibling who is 12 years or older is responsible for the child who is younger than 12 years old.


If you need to pick up your child early or drop them off a little later at camp; please inform your child's camp counsellors or call 416-392-5947. All early pick-ups take place in front of the Zoo Camp office, adjacent to the Zootique Gift Shop. In order to facilitate early pick up from camp we require advance notice as your child's group may be located anywhere on the Zoo site.

Early pick up cannot be accommodated after 2:30 pm Monday to Thursday, and after 1:00 pm on Friday.

As part of our safety procedures/policies for keeping your child safe, please do not leave without ensuring that your child has been fully signed out with their counsellors.


If your camper is going to be away on a particular day and will not be attending camp, please call the Zoo Camp Office at 416-392-5947 before 8:00 a.m., where you can leave a message. Alternatively, you can also communicate to your child's Camp counsellor at drop-off/pick-up, if you know in advance that your child will be away on a particular day of camp.


Camper Drop-Off and Pick-Up takes place in Lot A of the Toronto Zoo parking lot. Parents/guardians can enter the Zoo parking lot where the lift gates will provide automatic entry. Take the first left into Lot A and you will see the Drop-Off area located on your left. Please park in any available assigned parking spot and bring your Zoo Camper(s) to check in with their counsellors. Parents/guardians will then be able to leave the parking lot free of charge and the exit gates will allow automatic exiting. If for some reason the gates do not allow you to exit, please press the assistance button and Guest Relations will let you out.

Please follow the same procedure for camper pick up, keeping in mind parking will be more limited later in the day. When you pick up your camper(s), the Zoo Camp Counsellors will provide you with a parking ticket to scan at the exit gate so you may exit the parking lot free of charge.

Alternatively, parents who do not wish to enter the Zoo parking lot will still be able to access short term parking in the public drop-off loop but will need to walk a short distance to the new Drop-Off & Pick-Up location in Lot A.

Please see the below map of our parking lot and Drop-Off & Pick-Up location.

Zoo Camp Camper Drop-Off Space Map