Animals or people, we make sure everyone is fed at the Toronto Zoo. Now fully licensed! Look for one of these well-known establishments, or bring your own picnic lunch! Picnic tables are available at various locations throughout the Zoo. For current locations, see our Zoo Map.

For gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian options, see our lifestyle friendly menu guide

Peacock Café Front Entrance
Enjoy Tim Hortons fresh coffee, hot and cold beverages, breakfast sandwiches, pastries and more.

Africa Restaurant African Savanna
Enjoy a variety of cuisine including Dairy Queen, Pizza Pizza, Smokes Poutinerie (seasonal), and our very own Grill and Co. *Fully Licensed.

Simba Safari Lodge African Savanna
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Located overlooking the white rhinos, enjoy Hot Dogs, fries, chicken fingers and more. *Fully Licensed. 

Savanna Snack Bar African Savanna
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Enjoy a nice hot slice of Pizza Pizza or order a whole pizza for the family!

Thorntree Café African Savanna
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Stop by for cold drinks, snacks and bingsu (shaved ice dessert) from Palgong near the Masai giraffes.

Caribou Café Tundra Trek
Located next to the arctic wolves, enjoy a variety of options including Grill and Co., and Pizza Pizza! *Fully Licensed.

Polar Patio Tundra Trek
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Join us at our fully licensed Polar Patio next to the Arctic wolves. Enjoy beer, wine, snacks and slushies!

BeaverTails Lodge Tundra Trek
Delicious whole-wheat deep fried pastry with a variety of toppings plus cold drinks.

Tim Hortons Express Tundra Trek
Grab a quick beverage or snack including coffee, tea, iced caps, timbits, and frozen lemonade.

Eurasia Pizza Pizza Eurasia Wilds
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Enjoy a hot slice of Pizza Pizza or order a whole pizza for the whole family!

BeaverTails Trailer Front Courtyard
Delicious whole-wheat deep friend pastry with a variety of toppings

Smokes Poutinerie Trailer Front Courtyard
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Enjoy a variety of poutine creations.

Ice Cream Carts Various locations
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Cool off from the summer heat with an ice cream or popsicle at one of our ice cream carts located around the Zoo. Most carts are fully licensed, serving beer and wine.
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