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TORONTO, ON, Tuesday, February 1, 2022: Today your Toronto Zoo celebrated Lunar New Year and the start of Year of the Tiger with a visit from our partners from the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (CCCGT). The festivities included a keeper talk at our Amur tigers and an amazing performance of the traditional lion dance, including the eye dotting ceremony. Toronto Zoo CEO Dolf DeJong was joined by CCCGT Chairman Alan Lam to talk about the meaning of Year of the Tiger and the important conservation work the Toronto Zoo is involved in to help the survival of both Amur and Sumatran tigers in the wild.

We hosted a live virtual program which combined Explore by the Seat of your Pants programming with our Facebook Live stream, reaching more than 1000 live viewers at over 110 schools across North America. Anyone wanting to tune in from home was able to engage virtually for a 45-minute keeper talk at both the Sumatran and Amur tigers and watch the wonderful lion dance performance and music. The festivities are now posted on the Toronto Zoo YouTube and Facebook channels and have more than 4000 views already. 

The Toronto Zoo is committed to tiger conservation, and this Year of the Tiger is an opportunity for the Toronto Zoo to host many events and share information throughout the whole year about ways we can all support critical efforts to save and protect tiger species in the wild.  “AZA Accredited Zoos have contributed over $3 million towards tiger conservation efforts in the wild, and in 2021 the Toronto Zoo proudly donated $5,000 to the Species Survival Plan’s Tiger Conservation Campaign after partnering with Giant Tiger. These funds support in-situ tiger conservation efforts in Russia (the home of the Amur tiger) and Indonesia, home of the Sumatran tiger”, shared Dolf DeJong.  In addition to the SSP Tiger Campaign, Toronto Zoo also donated $3,000 to build two livestock corrals to protect local livestock from tiger predation. Retaliation killing is one of the main threats to Sumatran tigers; these livestock corrals help protect sheep and cattle from being predated by tigers, decreasing the retaliation against tigers.

To find out more, check out our Toronto Zoo website, or our Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy webpage where you’ll find our adopt a tiger programs! 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR OUR MEDIA CONTACTS:  Please note that all media visiting the Zoo will be required to show a proof of double vaccination QR code in order to gain entry to the Zoo. For full information and details on our new vaccination policy and implementation please visit our website at Toronto Zoo | TZ Vaccine Policy

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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR OUR MEDIA CONTACTS:  Please note that all media visiting the Zoo as of Monday October 25, 2021 will also be required to show proof of full vaccination in order to gain entry to the Zoo.

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