In the evening when the visitors have left and the Zoo sleeps, Ontario’s wild bats come out to play! Our site in the Rouge Valley, with its large natural areas, is fantastic for bats. They hunt insects around our forests and ponds, and make their homes in our trees and some of our buildings!

Two bats being held by Toronto Zoo staff

Unfortunately, four of the eight bat species in Ontario are endangered. As part of our commitment to help conserve Canada’s native wildlife, the Toronto Zoo is working hard to monitor and conserve wild bats on our site and across Ontario.

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Got Bats?

If you have bats in your home or property please consider reporting them, or even submitting a roost count. You can report a bat roost anywhere in Canada through the Bat Watch project and help researchers save these fascinating species. Sign up and submit a report at

Found a Bat?

If you find a grounded bat please contact a local wildlife rescuer for help. Bats in Ontario can carry rabies. Avoid touching the bat – if anyone is bitten or scratched seek immediate medical advice.

The Toronto Zoo’s Native Bat Conservation Program receives sponsorship and support from the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation, and both organisations are working in partnership to further knowledge and conservation of bats in Ontario.