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Western chorus frog

Psuedacris triseriata
  • A small 3 cm frog
  • Light brown with three dark, sometimes broken stripes down back
  • White line along side of body from tip of snout to groin
  • Found in Central and Southern Ontario
  • The Striped Chorus frog is one of Ontario's earliest breeders and may be heard calling in March or April.
  • The one-second call is repeated several times and sounds like a thumb running quickly along the teeth of a plastic comb.
  • Young frogs forage in open woodlands and fields and prey upon beetles, flies, and mosquitoes.

NOTE: the calls of the boreal chorus frog and the striped chorus frog are almost impossible to tell apart. Identification is based on location; if you are north of Sault Ste. Marie, the frog you are hearing is a boreal chorus frog. If you are south of Sault Ste. Marie, it is a striped chorus frog.

Striped chorus frog

Description of call: Sound of a thumb running along a plastic comb.

Use this link to download the sound file if your browser does not support embedded files.