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Larval Amphibians - Salamanders

Four-toed Salamander

Hemidactylium scutatum
  • Larvae length 17-25mm
  • Head is heavily pigmented with brown or black spots; broken band on side of head through eye often to gills
  • Greenish-brown; transparent greenish tail fin with lighter dots
  • Dorsal tail fin extends onto back almost to neck; ventral tail fin surrounds vent
  • Posterior gill largest; costal grooves present
  • Digits: 4 front and 4 hind (only other salamander with this number is Mudpuppy-all others have 4 front, 5 hind)
  • Eggs: 15-60 laid in terrestrial depressions or cavities within a clump of moss or leaves along the edge of open pools; female broods the eggs and developing embryos; bacteria on skin produce antibiotics that protect eggs and developing embryos from fungus
  • Habitat: found in sphagnum bogs or woodland ponds

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