Gorilla Climb Ropes Coarse

Open Weekends Only

Toronto Zoo visitors will be able to hang out like Charles and the Western lowland gorilla troop do on the Gorilla Climb Ropes Course. Visitors of all ages (and up to 300 pounds) will be able to safely swing, crawl and balance while guiding their own path through the almost 33 foot high climb's 26 elements, resulting in a different adventure every time!

Located outside of the Gorilla Rainforest outdoor habitat, this family ropes course attraction combines a series of moderate to challenging climbing elements up to three stories from the ground, providing visitors with a new view of the gorillas from up high! The unique safety system allows participants to safely climb three levels in the air at their own pace, while attached to a sling line. Once guests are in their climbing harnesses, the overhead tracking system keeps guests safe and attached to the course, making it an experience that is ideal for guests of all ages.

Cost per climb is $8.00 

Children must be at least 48" to go on this attraction. Children 42" to 48" are permitted but must be accompanied by an adult in order to take part in the fun. Guests wearing flip flops or strapless footwear will not be able to climb on the course for safety reasons. Guests must be wearing closed-heel shoes that stay on the foot.

Ride may be closed unexpectedly due to maintenance or operational requirements.


If you require any accommodations, please speak with a ride operator.

Gorilla Climb ropes coarse

Gorilla Climb ropes coarse