Gorilla Climb Ropes Coarse

Closed for the Season

Hang out like Charles and the Western lowland gorilla troop do on the Gorilla Climb Ropes Course. Guests and members will be able to safely swing, crawl and balance while guiding their own path through the almost 33 foot high climb's 26 elements, resulting in a different adventure every time!

This family ropes course attraction is equipped with a unique safety system and combines a series of moderate to challenging climbing elements up to three stories from the ground, providing visitors with a new view of the gorillas from up high!

Located outside the Africa Restaurant, and beside the Western Lowland Gorilla outdoor habitat.


$8.00 (+HST) per climber.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Children must be a minimum of 42” tall to climb with an adult (18+) and 48” tall to climb alone. Adult accompaniment must purchase a ticket.
  • Weight limit is 300lbs per climber. All climbers must be able to be properly and safely secured into the harness.
  • Shoes with a closed heel must be worn to climb. Guests wearing flip-flops, slides or other strapless shoes will not be permitted on the course.
  • Other rules and restrictions may apply


Climbers must be able to walk up at least one flight of stairs to access the course elements. Course elements are made of rope and plastic, and most elements require climbers to hold onto different pieces of the element in order to complete the obstacle.

Please speak with a ride operator if you require any accommodations.

Gorilla Climb ropes coarse

Gorilla Climb ropes coarse