Elementary Onsite School Program

Orangutan Presentations

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Choose from one of our "Four Thumbs Up!" Interactive Orangutan presentations to engage and enhance your students' experience at the Zoo.  Orangutan programs are directly linked to the Life Systems Strand of the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum. Primary and Junior levels available.


Grade Level:

K to 7


$150 per session + $10 admission per student. 1 teacher per class receives FREE admission. Kindergarten: 1 teacher + 1 ECE per class receives FREE admission.  Additional supervisors $10. 1:1 Support staff are free.


Grade K-3, 1 supervisor per 5 students. Grade 4-8, 1 supervisor per 10 students.


45 minutes (10:30am, 11:30am and 12:30pm sessions)


Interactive presentation with mini activities




60 students maximum per session.


This is a Staff-led curriculum-linked program. Please book early, as programs fill up quickly.


Primary Orangutan Presentation (Grades K-3)
Climb to new heights as we discover how our orangutan friends’ characteristics and adaptations help them survive in a rainforest environment. Students will understand the connection between orangutans and plants by creating an orangutan nest and ‘weaving together’ information gathered during the session.

Junior Orangutan Presentation (Grade 4-7)
Did you know that orangutans are the largest arboreal ape? Get comfy, as we swing into some of the characteristics that we share with this highly intelligent species. Together with Zoo staff, students will discover why they are referred to as “gardeners of the rainforest”, learn about adaptations necessary to survive in the rainforest canopy, as well as investigate the causes behind populations declining in the wild. After exploring what items contain palm oil using the PalmOil App, students will leave armed with the knowledge of what personal actions they can take to help protect this amazing species.

Baby Orangutan Wali at the Toronto Zoo