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Sternotherus odoratus
  • 5.1-11.5cm; record 13.7cm
  • Small turtle with smooth, light olive to black, high-domed, narrow carapace
  • Plastron is small, yellow-brown and gives little protection to legs; a "hinge" runs across the front of plastron allowing it to close upward to protect head
  • Two light stripes on each side of head
  • Barbels (fleshy projections) on chin and throat
  • Named for musky odour produced when handled (also called "stinkpot")
  • Rarely leaves water; basks in shallow water with shell exposed and may climb trees and branches above water
  • May be confused with a small snapping turtle, but snapper has long serrated tail
  • Lays 2-5 oval, white, hard-shelled eggs