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Spring Peeper

Pseudacris crucifer
  • The spring peeper is a small 2-3cm frog
  • Brown to tan color
  • Dark band between eyes
  • Dark cross-shaped mark on the back
  • Small toe disks
  • Spring peepers are found in temporary woodland pools formed by rain and melting snow in early spring.
  • They are usually encountered in spring as they move to and from woodland breeding ponds.
  • Outside the breeding season they forage in woodlands or amongst shrubs and marshes bordering woodlands.
  • In March, April and May, large choruses of their "peep... peep... peep..." calls are heard from woodland pools.  Males may also call in September or October on rainy nights.
  • Where urbanization is occurring, the chorus frog seems to be displacing the spring peeper. Chorus frogs thrive in more exposed sites than do spring peepers; perhaps the loss of woodlots and lowering of water tables in urban areas have created conditions that favour the chorus frog.
Spring peeper

Description of call: A series of short "peeps".

Use this link to download the sound file if your browser does not support embedded files.