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Northern Two-lined Salamander

Eurycea bilineata
  • A small, 6-9 cm salamander.
  • This salamander is lungless like the four-towed and red-back salamanders.
  • The two-lined salamander has a broad yellowish-brown band down the back, and there may be numerous small, black spots within this stripe. Each side of the stripe is bordered with a black line. The sides of the body are dark grey and the belly is yellow.
  • The two-lined salamander is found beneath logs or, more often, under rocks along the edge of streams.
  • The two-lined salamander can swim well and may be found in cool streams until April.
  • Once fertilized, the female deposits 20-50 eggs singly under rocks and logs beside running water. It may take several years before the larvae transform and move to the rocky areas at the edge of streams.
  • Very little is known about the diet of these salamanders.