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Green Frog

Lithobates clamitans
  • Tadpole length 64-74mm, max. 100mm; eyes dorsal
  • Body slightly flattened, greenish-brown, often with dark mottling or blotches; belly opaque, white or cream, sometimes with grey mottling
  • Tail fin long with low arch and greenish with black mottling, especially towards tip; dorsal fin begins above vent It typically prefers rich, weedy, warm ponds and lakes, slow-moving rivers, farm ponds and shallow marshes.
  • Vent dextral; tooth rows: 2/3
  • Eggs: 1000-5000 laid in loose floating dinner-plate sized mass on the surface of the water; mass is usually less than 5 eggs thick; deposited along shoreline, in shallow water
  • Habitat: permanent ponds, marshes, lakes, streams; often seen basking in shallow, warm water but may be found in deeper water away from shore; over-winter as tadpoles

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