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Larval Amphibians - Salamanders

Blue-spotted Salamander

Ambystoma laterale
  • Larvae length 45-55 mm
  • Olive to brown; sides of body and tail with black mottling, some with a yellowish stripe; dark blotches on back; belly unmarked and light in colour
  • Tail same colour as body; transparent fins when young, cloudy black when older; dorsal tail fin extends well onto body
  • Costal grooves present; posterior gill larger than anterior
  • Eggs: 1 to 12 eggs surrounded by a loose jelly-like mass, anchored to submerged vegetation
  • Forms polyploid hybrids with Jefferson and Small-mouthed Salamanders. Hybrids are female, and both adults and larvae appear similar to parent species
  • Habitat: temporary ponds, marshes, bogs, and roadside ditches near woodlands

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