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Gray Treefrog

Hyla versicolor
  • A small 3-5 cm treefrog.
  • Light green to grey color with a squarish white spot below the eye
  • Inner thigh is bright orange or yellow
  • This frog is identifiable by its large and expanded toe disks.
  • Gray treefrogs are found in woodlands and marshes during the summer. They show a distinct preference for wetlands ringed with shrubs, especially willow and dogwood.
  • They breed in marshes, ponds and the still backwaters of streams in the spring.
  • Male grey treefrogs are very territorial and will defend their calling perches with encounter calls, shoving, kicking, and jumping.
  • Eggs are laid singly or in groups and are attached to submerged plants. Because the eggs are laid late in the spring and early summer, tadpoles hatch and mature very quickly and usually transform by late August or early September.
Gray treefrog

Description of call: A short trill.

Use this link to download the sound file if your browser does not support embedded files.

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