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Fowlers Toad

Anaxyrus fowleri
  • Usually has 3-4 warts in each brownish blotch on their backs.
  • The bony ridges behind the eyes actually touch the front edge of the paratoid gland (the large kidney shape mark behind eye).
  • Fowler's Toad is found in lakeside marshes and ponds along the north shore of Lake Erie. They forage in the litter along beaches and in wooded areas farther inland.
  • Male Fowler's toads begin to call as the water in the ponds begins to warm in May or June. The call is described as a short trill.
  • The tadpoles are black and they develop very quickly.
  • Adult toads hibernate under sand on raised beaches.
  • Because of its rarity, this species is almost never encountered.
  • Unfortunately, this toad is found on those beaches that receive some of the
    most intensive use by vacationers.
Fowler's toad

Description of call: Calls with a nasal, sheep-like "waaaaa"

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