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American toad

Anaxyrus americanus
  • A medium-sized 5-9 cm toad.
  • The American toad is light to dark brown with 1 or 2 raised brown "warts" within each dark spot on body
  • Behind each eye there are two raised kidney-shaped glands known as the paratoid glands.
  • The American toad is our most terrestrial amphibian and is often found some distance from water.
  • It is most active after rain and in the evenings, and is often found in urban areas and gardens.
  • Toads breed in April and May depending on pond temperature.
  • Toads will breed in temporary ponds or shallow areas of large, permanent ponds.
  • The male toad's call is a long, uninterrupted fifteen to twenty second trill that can be heard over some distance. The lower the temperature, the longer the trill. Males sit along the shoreline, on logs, or on floating leaves of winter-killed vegetation to better expose their vocal pouches. In urban areas, floating boards are favourite calling sites.
American toad

Description of call: A 20-30 second high-pitched trill.

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