Acoustic Monitoring

Ontario is home to twelve frog and toad species, all of which are vital to sustaining a healthy wetland ecosystem. Frogs, like other amphibian species, are often referred to as indicator species, because they are sensitive to environmental changes. This makes monitoring changes in frog populations important to understanding how Ontario’s wetlands are changing, as population changes can be indicators of wetland and ecosystem health.

A grey treefrog seen near on of the acoustic monitors.

Photo: A gray treefrog seen near one of the acoustic monitors.

Rouge Valley has been home to many different species of frogs for thousands of years, all of which can often be heard calling in the spring. To better understand frog population trends and species presence within the Rouge Valley, acoustic monitors were placed in various locations to passively capture the spring choruses. These recordings are then analyzed and to identify unique calls of each frog species, which helps us to determine species present in the area, help inform species ranges, and identify population trends.

Acoustic monitor installed near a vernal pond.

Photo: Acoustic monitor installed near a vernal pond.

Along with acoustic monitoring, Adopt-A-Pond has a Community Science initiative, FrogWatch Ontario, to help monitor frog populations across Ontario. Through our FrogWatch Community Science volunteers, we are able increase our understanding of frog distribution and ranges far beyond what we could survey ourselves. Click here to learn more about becoming a FrogWatcher and how you can help protect local wildlife!

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