This fundraising program was established for the purpose of funding conservation and research projects locally, nationally, and internationally for the benefit of threatened and endangered species. Every year the Toronto Zoo commits $150,000 to four categories of projects: Flagship/signature projects, internal programs, keeper initiatives and, emergency reserve.

The following are a list of programs that have received contributions from the Endangered Species Reserve Fund in previous years:


  • BFF Canadian Reintroduction - Post release Monitoring
  • Polar Bear Biodiversity Studies
  • Giant Panda
  • Asiatic Black Bear Reintroduction in Korea (giant panda)
  • Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation
  • Project Punde Kundo (Red Panda)
  • Ape TAG
  • Tree Kangaroo & Biodiversity Conservation in Papua New Guinea
  • Intl Elephant Foundation - Waterways & Dura Recovery Project
  • NA Save the Rhino Campaign
  • Grevy Zebra Conservation in Ethiopia and Kenya
  • Malayan Tapir

Reptiles and Amphibians

  • Panama Frog Rescue Program (Invert Production)
  • Asian Turtle Crisis Range Country Conservation
  • Wyoming Toad SSP Disease Screening / Population Monitoring
  • Madagascan tortoise
  • False Gharial Conservation in Indonesia
  • Golden Mantella Frog
  • Artifical fertilization techniques for PRC Toads - Phase I
  • Rouge Park Species at Risk Monitoring
  • Healthy waters, healthy wild species at risk conservation


  • Great Lakes Outreach
  • Aqua-Links
  • Marine Conservation - Sharks
  • Marine Conservation - Seahorses
  • Cell cultures from Lake Victoria cichlids


  • Ontarion Crayfish Program
  • Karner Blue Recover Group
  • Butterfly Conservation Initiative


  • Loggerhead Shrike
  • African penguins


  • Lewa Veterinary Conservancy & Vet Program
  • Ape Action Africa, Mefou National Park, Cameroon
  • Hutan Reforestation Efforts in Kinabatangan
  • Sulawesi Habitat Preservation and Education Programming
  • Intl Elephant Foundation - Waterways & Dura Recovery Project
  • Endangered Wildlife Trust: Predator Conflict Mitigation Project