The Toronto Zoo strives to make each guest’s experience enjoyable and pleasant. The Zoo would like guests not only to visit often, but also to advertise the Zoo by positively describing their experience. Guests occasionally may find cause to express dissatisfaction or appreciation about an incident or event. The following outlines the feedback handling process for Zoo employees when dealing with guests who have something they wish to communicate. Feedback on how the Zoo provides good or services to people with disabilities can also submitted through this process and will follow the same steps below.


Step 1 - Initial Communication: The Zoo welcomes guest comments as a valuable tool to assist us to improve our services to the public. Guests are encouraged to speak to any staff and communicate any comments, complaints and compliments. A staff member who receives a guest complaint shall ascertain the details and promptly address all causes for complaints in an attempt to satisfy the guest.

Step 2 - Documentation of Complaint: If a guest's concern cannot be resolved immediately or should the guest wish to register a complaint, the staff member shall refer them to Guest Relations who shall try to assist the guest and rectify the situation. At all times, such complaints will be recorded on a Guest Comment Form or entered into the Customer Comment Log, for record keeping and tracking purposes. All comments and compliments will be forwarded to the area concerned for their information.

Guest Comment Form - Guests who are at the Zoo will be invited to write their comments on the 2-part Guest Comment Form, or may give the information to a staff member to write down for follow up. If immediate action is possible, the comment will receive prompt attention. If further action is required, the original white copy of the Guest Comment Form will be forwarded to the Manager, Guest Relations (or designate) for further follow up within 5 business days. The yellow copy of the Guest Comment form will be returned to the guest for their record.

Phoned-in Comments - Guest feedback is often received by phone at our main number 416-392-5900 or at Guest Relations 416-392-5932. Staff will respond to each call and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. If unable to resolve the issue, staff will record the necessary contact information and forward it by e-mail to the Manager, Member & Guest Relations for review and follow-up within 5 business days.

Mailed /Faxed Comments - All mailed-in and faxed feedback are forwarded to the Manager, Member & Guest Relations for follow-up within 5 business days.

Electronically submitted Comments - All feedback received by email ([email protected]) or via on-line (, are forwarded to the Manager, Guest Relations for review and follow-up within 5 business days.

Step 3 - Escalation of Complaint: While at the Zoo, if a guest has a complaint which requires the assistance of a higher authority, it shall be referred to the Manager, Guest Relations who may request the assistance of the Director of Guest Experience, or Duty Director (on weekends).

Step 4 - Further Investigation: If further investigation is required, the Manager, Guest Relations will forward the comment to the appropriate area Manager to take further action. The designate shall investigate the reported incident and will attempt to resolve the matter and/or conduct further inquiries into all submitted complaints within 10 business days. The designate will apprise the Manager, Guest Relations of the resolution/response within two (2) days from receipt of complaint.

Step 5 - Follow-up Communications: The Manager, Guest Relations, shall be responsible for writing follow-up letters to guests who have commented on the Zoo, its staff, or its services normally within 10 business days from receipt of the comment/complaint. If the complainant is not satisfied with the resulting outcome with the Manager, Guest Relations, the complainant may escalate the complaint to the Chief Operating Officer for review.

Step 6 - Periodic Review: All submitted comments are summarized and shared with senior management staff of various areas for their information, review and action. Periodically, Manager, Guest Relations, reports on a complete list of received guest comments to senior management for further review and action.


Despite best efforts to resolve matters to the satisfaction of all parties involved, some guests may feel the need to further escalate the matter to a higher authority. As an office of last resort, the City of Toronto’s Office of the Ombudsman, may be contacted for possible assistance. Please visit or call 416-392-7062.


The Zoo welcomes guest comments as a valuable tool to assist us to improve our services to the public. If you require the provision of accessible formats or communication supports, please send your request to the by email or mail to the addresses below or call the number provided.

By Phone:

Call Guest Relations at 416-392-5932.

By Mail:

Attn: Manager, Guest Relations
Toronto Zoo
361A Old Finch Avenue
Toronto, ON M1B 5K7

By e-mail:

[email protected]