The Toronto Zoo, along with zoos spanning the globe, are establishing roots within your local community. A zookeeper initiated program that was first founded in 2009 when Polar Bear International and the American Association of Zoo Keepers banded together with Frontier North to help educate and inspire zookeepers from around the world.

It was here that Acres for the Atmosphere was set into motion. The goal is to spread the importance of immediate actions. To help protect not only the polar bear but all species that will soon follow if we do not take the time to hear what the they are trying to tell us. We need to act now and help change tomorrow today! Acres for the Atmosphere needs your help in accomplishing their goals and completing the cycle.
  • First: We will increase carbon sequestration by greening areas with vegetative plantings or trees within your local community.
  • Second: We will decrease CO2 emissions.
  • Third: We will raise community awareness and instill a sense of pride and ownership to help inspire others to join the motion.
Your local Acres for the Atmosphere team has been busy thanks to their sponsoring company and team member Symcor. With everyone's hard work and dedication the Toronto branch of Acres for the Atmosphere completed their second planting on the Toronto Zoo site. This brings the total number of trees and plants that that now call your community home to an amazing 1,284!!

We are also pleased to announce that plans are underway for a third planting this spring. This is all made possible due to the generous support of Symcor and the dedication of both their team and those of the Toronto Zoo.

If you wish to learn more please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to perform presentations at local schools and organizations and help others to join in theto movement of making our community the best it can be!

Please contact us at:
[email protected]
"Acres for the Atmosphere is rooted within local communities. Promoting increased environmental awareness, we utilize group identity to instill a sense of personal ownership for one's actions and environment. We aim to effect change on the carbon-based economy and improve our surroundings near and far ."

Symcor Inc, one of North America's largest financial processing companies, has an impressive history of environmental stewardship and, most recently, received an award in February 2010 for "Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Company." Symcor Inc. was proud to partner with the Zoo on this project and generously supported the Zoo's participation with a $10,000 sponsorship. Over 100 Symcor Inc. staff and families joined Zoo Staff and Volunteers on June 18, 2010 to plant the dedicated acre. Symcor Inc.'s involvement aligns with its environmental mandate of minimizing its carbon footprint to result in an organization with little or no negative environmental impact. To compliment its initial donation and onsite support, Symcor Inc. generated additional donations internally through raffles and it has offered complimentary printing for Acres for the Atmosphere materials.