On average Canadians use more than 300 L of water every day, not including ‘hidden water’ used to manufacture everyday items like clothes and prepared food. This ranks Canada near the top in water-consumption per capita, second only to the United States. High water consumption puts a strain on both infrastructure and ecosystems. To become a certified Blue School, students and staff tackle high water consumption and reduce human impacts on aquatic ecosystems by implementing measureable actions within their schools, local communities and beyond.

Blue Schools Program Highlights:

  • STEM-based program linked to multiple areas of the Ontario Curriculum
  • Hands-on experiences for staff and students
  • 4 certification levels to foster deeper learning
  • Toronto Zoo staff support
  • Measureable outcomes

Blue Schools Program Timeline (approximate):

  • September – October
    • Establish support (school admin, support staff)
    • Make a plan for the academic year
  • November – December
    • Conduct school-wide water audit
    • Collect and analyze school baseline data
  • January
    • Prepare Action Plan to reduce water consumption in the school
  • February – May
    • Implement Action Plan
  • June
    • Receive certification for successful achievement of Action Plan goals

Become a Blue School and help protect our aquatic ecosystems! The Blue Schools program is flexible from primary to the secondary level. Space is limited.

For inquiries or to book an in-class presentation please contact us at:
Tel: 416-392-6022
E-mail: [email protected]

Blue Schools Resources:

Blue School Program Manual