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Giant Panda Farewell Speaker Series
5 Historic…and Crazy Years of Pandas

Saturday March 10, 2018
(Ages 12 & up)

Join us for an in-depth look at the successes and challenges of being involved in a giant panda conservation program, including what it took to bring the pandas to the Zoo, having the first panda twins born in Canada, and what’s in store for the pandas in the future.

Special presentation by our featured speaker Maria Franke, Toronto Zoo Curator of Mammals. Also included, a guided tour to the Giant Panda Exhibit!

TIME: 4:00PM to 6:00PM
COST*: $15 per Member, $20 per Non-Member
*A portion of the proceeds will go to giant panda research and conservation

Limited seating is available!


Presentation Dates:

November 18, 2017: 5 Years, 4 Pandas, 10,000,000 Observations
Gabe Magnus, Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Behaviourist

January 20, 2018: Giant Panda Keeper Diaries
Karyn Tunwell, Toronto Zoo Lead Panda Keeper

March 10, 2018: 5 Historic…and Crazy Years of Pandas
Maria Franke, Toronto Zoo Curator of Mammals

Three Pandas together at the Toronto Zoo

Maria Franke standing in front of Fed Ex panda delivery cargo plane


*Please note all events subject to change without notice.


The Zootique Gift Shop will be closed on Thursday, November 29th at 2pm and all day Friday, November 30th.