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In order to ensure the success of your corporate day please review the following policies that have been prepared for both organizers as well as off-site caterers of events on the Zoo site. This information is subject to change with additional policies being added at any time for the health and safety of Zoo visitors as well as the animals in the collection.

Liability Insurance:

For small and medium sized groups (either corporate or otherwise) using standard Zoo services and facilities, where the event remains under the control of Zoo staff (e.g. no outside catering, entertainment or professional organizers), the group is not required to provide insurance.

At the sole discretion of the Toronto Zoo, evidence of insurance is required when the group arranges to bring in entertainers, rides, play equipment, etc., as well as when external products are provided for consumption by external caterers, food suppliers, etc., and/or in the case when more than 500 participants are expected to attend the event. In these circumstances, the group is required to secure, at its own expense, Public Liability Insurance (personal injury and property damage) in the amount of at least Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00) which insurance shall name the Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo, the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority and the City of Toronto as additional named insureds; containing a cross-liability (severability of interest) clause.

Catering Fee

Off-site caterers are required to remit 15% of food and beverage bill to the Toronto Zoo within 30 days of the function date. A copy of the invoice must be included along with your remittance.


All event tickets are produced by the Toronto Zoo - no exceptions. Tickets that are prepared by your company will not be accepted. The Toronto Zoo will print the first run of your event tickets based on your initial order. Additional printing of tickets will cost an additional $100 plus applicable tax. Please remember you will be charged for tickets handed in by your guests on the day of your event rather than the total number ordered. Ticket reprints by Toronto Zoo will be at the expense of the client. Initial ticket order sent by courier, subsequent orders sent at client's expense. Tickets deemed lost, stolen or counterfeit will not be replaced. The ticket(s) may not be re-sold or offered for re-sale by anyone without permission of the Board and may not be resold at a price exceeding its face value at any time. The ticket(s) may not be used for advertising, promotion or any other trade purposes. Ticket(s) may not be combined with any other discounts and has no cash value. Consumer Image Policy & Guest Awareness During your visit, you may be filmed, videotaped or photographed by or on behalf of the Toronto Zoo. Your admission to the Zoo serves as your permission for use of your image by the Toronto Zoo. The commercial use of photographic, video and film images of the Toronto Zoo is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the Zoo.

Group Policies

Group rates offered as follows: 15% off regular gate admission for groups of 20 - 299 people (ages 4 and up), and 20% off regular gate admission for groups of 300 or more (ages 4 and up). Advance reservations for group tickets are required. The group discount cannot be combined with any other offer. Payment: 50% deposit is required with a signed Group Event Agreement to confirm your booking. Within 30 days after the event, an invoice will be mailed outlining balance of payment. Cancellation Policy: A non-refundable deposit will apply if the group cancels less than 90 working days prior to event date. The Toronto Zoo shall have the sole right to cancel this Agreement in the event that it is discovered that the Licensee’s plans and motives for the Event are in conflict with, or in direct contravention, of the Zoo’s Core Values and Mission as “A living centre for education and science, committed to providing compelling guest experiences and inspiring passion to protect wildlife and habitats”. Forms of Payment: Cash, Company Cheque, Certified Cheque, Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.


While we want our guests to enjoy their day at the Toronto Zoo, due to the safety of Zoo visitors as well as the animals in the collection, the following are restricted and/or prohibited on Zoo property:

The following is prohibited:

  • The Toronto Zoo has designated smoking areas for the enjoyment of all zoo visitors.
  • Straws, balloons (any type), confetti, rice, whistles, bells, radios.
  • Games requiring/involving projectiles of any nature (i.e. balls, water, bubbles, frisbees etc.).
  • Roller blades, skates, skateboards, bikes, tricycles, scooters.
  • Pets and/or exotic animals.
  • Any act verbal or physical which may be offensive to staff or visitors.
  • Use of cooking ovens or burners inside any structure.
  • Firearms, weapons, pyrotechnics and fire.
  • Illegal drugs, controlled substances and alcohol.

The following is restricted and requires prior approval by the Toronto Zoo:

  • Loot bags/give-aways/prizes (a detailed list of these items and the packaging must be submitted in writing in advance for approval). Items should be given out to visitors as they leave the Zoo. Items for loot bags/give-aways/prizes can be purchased through our gift shops at additional cost.
  • Games/Activities - a detailed list must be submitted in writing in advance for approval.
  • Candles - battery operated type only in temporary structures.
  • Number of vehicles and vehicular access during the Zoo's operational hours, unless approved well in advance of the function date by the Chief Executive Officer or his/her designate and escorted by appointed Zoo staff.
  • Music (must be submitted in writing in advance for approval).
  • Only warming/cooking gel certified by the Environmental Choice program (carrying the EcoLogo) can be used where portable fuel is required. A contact/supplier is: Ecoflame International Inc. (416) 694-7587 e-mail address,
  • Use of additional lighting without previous approval from the Zoo's Chief Executive Officer or designate.
  • Serving of alcohol requires approval from the Chief Executive Officer or his/her designate as well as appropriate LCBO licenses. A copy of the permit must be provided to the Zoo's Security and Safety Manager no later than 14 working days prior to the function date.
  • Placement of any materials, decorations or fixtures of any type on any walls, ceilings and/or floors of any temporary or permanent structure on the Zoo site without approval from the Chief Executive Officer or his/her designate.
  • Entertainers/Entertainment. A detailed list must be sent in writing in advance of the event date for approval. Please note, mascots and entertainers dressed as clowns/animals are restricted to main entrance gate and main courtyard.
  • Coca-Cola Bottling has exclusivity of beverages on the Zoo site. We require that any beverage products you offer be a product of Coca-Cola.

Function Clean-up (when off-site caterer or organizer is used)

It is both the organizer(s) and caterer(s) responsibility to ensure that the function space is clean and all garbage and disposable materials are handled in an appropriate manner. The caterer is responsible for removing all food items which are left-over from the event. Garbage is required to be placed in proper disposal bins and not left loose. Recyclables should be separated and placed in proper recycling bins. All cardboard should be folded and secured with string or stacked neatly in boxes. Where an excess amount of garbage and recyclable material is generated as a result of the function, the organizer and/or caterer will be required to remove it personally. Additionally, a surcharge to the caterer and/or organizers will be imposed. A deposit may be required in advance. Toronto Zoo provides garbage and recycling containers only at the function site.