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Contact Information

Mailing address:

Toronto Zoo
361A Old Finch Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M1B 5K7

Phone: 416-392-5900
Email: tzwebmaster@torontozoo.ca

Donation Requests:

If you are making a donation request, please review the Donation Policy

Important Numbers:

General Enquiry 416-392-5900
Adopt An Animal 416-392-9114 development@torontozoo.ca
Conservation & Research 416-392-5962 Fax 416-392-4979
Group Events (Corporate & Private) 416-392-5940groupevents@torontozoo.ca
Education Programs 416-392-5947programs@torontozoo.ca
Group Bookings 416-392-5932
School Programs 416-392-5944schools@torontozoo.ca
First Aid 416-392-5924 Fax 416-393-6364
Lost & Found 416-392-5905Fax 416-392-5934
Membership 416-392-9101Fax 416-393-6339
Partnerships 416-392-5938Fax 416-392-5934
Public Relations and Media 416-392-5941 kgray@torontozoo.ca
Purchasing & Supply 416-392-5916 purchasing@torontozoo.ca
Toronto Zoo Development 416-392-9114development@torontozoo.ca
Volunteer Services 416-392-5942tzvolunteers@torontozoo.ca
Zootique Gift Shop 416-392-9110 retail@torontozoo.ca