Please note that due to COVID-19 we will not be taking registrations at this time, we appologize for the inconvenience.

Do you love animals and ever find yourself wondering what a Zoo Keeper does all day?

Why not check out our Keeper for a Day Program and find out for yourself how incredible and rewarding this job can be! Work one on one with a zookeeper to find out how the animals are fed and cared for daily, and how our Keepers play a very important role in conservation and research programs. Whether you're interested in animal care as a career or just want to have some fun, this program is worth all the sweat and smells!

Toronto Zoo Keeper For A Day Program Registration Fee
(ages 14 years & up):

Full Day Rate (8.5 hrs) Half Day Rate (4 Hrs)
$300 for zoo members $200 for zoo members
$350 for non- members $250 for non- members

Keeper for a Day Program Options: *primate routines excluded

Africa Savanna *
African Rainforest Pavilion *
Americas Pavilion
Australasia Pavilion
Canadian Domain / Tundra Trek *
Indo Malaya (indoor / outdoor areas) *
Outreach and Discovery (animal shows / Kids Zoo)

2020 dates:

March 24 *Pavilions only*
April 16 & 25
May 12 & 30
June 11 & 20
July 14 & 25
August 13 & 22
September 8 & 19
October 15  *Pavilions only*
November 17 *Pavilions only*
December 10 *Pavilions only*

To register for the Keeper for a Day program:

  1. Choose your top 3 areas you would like to experience, in order of preference. Please note that only one area will be selected. Your top choice is not guaranteed and may change without notice.
  2. Fill out the registration by clicking here.
    Please note that due to COVID-19 we will not be taking registrations at this time, we appologize for the inconvenience.
  3. Send registration form via email (preferably) or fax/mail
    Payment by credit card (AMEX/VISA or MASTERCARD) only.
  4. You will be sent an e-mail confirmation within 2 -3 weeks upon receipt of registration. The e-mail confirmation letter will contain detailed information about your Keeper for a Day program at the Toronto Zoo.

For any further questions please e-mail Toronto Zoo Keeper for a Day Coordinators at

The Keeper for a day Program is run by The American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) Toronto Zoo Chapter which is a nonprofit organization consisting of animal care professionals and related persons dedicated to conservation, education, and professional animal care in zoos and aquariums. Our local Toronto Zoo Chapter of AAZK has committed itself to making a difference by devoting its efforts to the conservation of wildlife and the professional development of its members, while providing the highest standards of animal care.

Our AAZK chapter chooses different conservation efforts to support each year and in 2016 our members have helped empower certain efforts such as:

Planet Madagascar - $364.58

International Rhino Foundation - $364.58

Ape Action Africa - $364.58

International Rhino Foundation for Ranger Boots - $364.58

Global Wildlife Conservation - $364.58

Toronto Zoo Madagascar Fishes - $364.58

If you have any questions please send us an email at