10am to 4pm daily

The Greenhouse is now open daily for tours and can be found on the way to the Wildlife Health Centre. 

The Toronto Zoo Greenhouse boasts plants from all over the world, arranged biogeographically.  We grow these plants for browse, furniture, and aesthetics.  The first half of the Greenhouse is primarily browse, for our insect collection here at the Zoo. 

The second half of the Greenhouse has tables set up with plants from Africa, Indomalaya, Australia, America’s, as well as pollinator plants for our butterflies in Malayan Woods, and cactus/succulents used in displays and planters around the Zoo.  Each table has a label indicating what is found on that table, or it corresponds to the window decal immediately above the table. 

Check out the ‘We’re in Bloom’ table where we highlight plants currently blooming in the Greenhouse; and our propagation table, where seedlings, and cuttings are grown for future use in pavilions, and gardens around site. 

The zoo green house