Tiger Presentations

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Choose from one of our “GRRReat!” Interactive Tiger presentations to engage and enhance your students' experience at the Zoo.  Tiger programs are directly linked to the Life Systems Strand of the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum. Primary and Junior levels available.


Grade Level:

K to 7


$150 per session + admission


45 minutes (10am, 11:15am and 12:30pm sessions)


Interactive presentation with mini activities




60 students maximum per session.


This is a Staff-led curriculum-linked program. Please book early, as programs fill up quickly.


Primary Tiger Presentation (Grades K-3)
Learn all about tiger basics in one of the Grrreatest programs at the Zoo! Students will love getting involved when it comes to learning about how much they weigh, what physical characteristics tigers have, and recalling what “creature features'' or adaptations tigers have by “drawing” on the information they have just learned! To top it all off, students will be able to take home their unique tiger striped drawings to share with their families!

Junior Tiger Presentation (Grade 4-7)
Did you know that not all tigers live in tropical environments? Settle in, as we learn all about their habitats, the different sub-species, and one in particular, the Amur tiger. Together with Zoo staff, students will discover some of the unique adaptations necessary in order to survive as a top predator, as well as the reasons behind their populations declining in the wild. Students will leave with the knowledge of what personal actions they can take to help protect this species.

Amur Tiger