TORONTO, ON, Thursday, September 17, 2020: Your Toronto Zoo and Pollution Probe are proud to announce an exciting new three-year partnership between their organizations. This partnership has been forged from a shared interest and commitment to developing and deploying innovative technology solutions to increase conservation impact, improve the well-being of animals, improve guest experience and more efficiently run Zoo operations. This agreement establishes objectives that Pollution Probe and the Toronto Zoo wish to collaborate on including:

  • Accelerating the transition to a circular economy, particularly as it relates to reducing plastic pollution. Moving away from the “Take-make-waste” approach to a “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” system where waste is minimized and products and materials are kept in use as long as possible through reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing, recycling and upcycling.
  • Fostering understanding around the need to support a more holistic approach to conservation that takes social, environmental and economic considerations into account.
  • Developing ideas surrounding capacity for innovative, non-emitting energy solutions that can reduce emissions, improve resiliency and reduce costs.

Pollution Probe is a Canadian charitable environmental organization that is a leading agent of change at the intersection of communities, health and environment. Since 1969, they have been defining environmental problems through research, promoting understanding through education and pressing for practical solutions through advocacy. Pollution Probe are a partnership-building organization that engages government agencies, private businesses and other non-profit organizations that have a legitimate interest in an issue to help find solutions. Pollution Probe seeks to represent the needs of the general public by working to make visible the needs of all, as distinct from the needs of interested parties, in finding environmental solutions.

“This partnership with the Toronto Zoo provides a fantastic opportunity to engage on issues like plastic pollution with an enormous audience who are passionate about wildlife and nature,” said Christopher Hilkene, CEO, Pollution Probe. “Often, our work on plastics, the circular economy and pollution isn’t viewed as conservation in the strictest sense, but the main aim of this work has always been to preserve natural environments and the many diverse species that depend on them. We’re delighted to be working with the Zoo on exciting new projects that will advance our shared vision of clean air, clean water and a healthy planet, while also helping people broaden their understanding of these nuanced issues and their conservation impact.”         

Your Toronto Zoo’s Strategic Plan made a commitment to lead the way in applying technology at zoos to encourage Conservation action and partnering with Pollution Probe is a fantastic way to make this vision a reality,” said Dolf DeJong, CEO, Toronto Zoo. “We look forward to collaborating on innovative technology projects, from developing solutions to support increased plastic waste diversion at the Zoo, to exploring tools that support the prevention and/or removal of plastic and other wastes that end up in the environment. This important partnership between Pollution Probe and your Toronto Zoo will connect our guests to issues and how they can increase their conservation impact,” he added.

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Toronto Zoo Media Contact:

Amanda Chambers
Supervisor of Strategic Communications
[email protected]

Pollution Probe Media Contact:

Sabah Ibrahim
Research & Communications Co-ordinator
[email protected]