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Wetland Curriculum Resource
Unit 5. Environmental Issues -

(All Levels)

Purpose: If your class has decided to adopt a pond, make your own pond, or even visit a nearby pond, this activity will encourage pride and respect for the pond. Not only will this help to eliminate vandalism, it will hopefully instill a sense of pride in the protection of the environment and amphibian populations.

What You Need: photocopies of your pledge :: crayons or markers

What You Do:

  1. Explain the concept and importance of pledges or promises. Ask students if they have ever made a promise. Did they keep their promise? Why and when do people make promises or pledges?

  2. Tell the students that they will be making a pledge to help save and protect wetlands and amphibians. Why is it important for people to protect wetlands? Make a list of the many reasons why wetlands should be protected.
  3. Have the students stand up and repeat the pledge after you.
  4. Make a large copy of the pledge for the entire class, and have each student write their name beneath the pledge. Post the pledge in the classroom or in another place in the school.
  5. Distribute photocopies of the pledge to all the students to colour and sign for themselves to keep.
  6. If possible, also post the Adopt-A-Pond adoption certificate and distribute Adopt-A-Pond conservation decals to the students. (To receive these materials, please send a written request telling us about your pond, conservation efforts, or classroom activities. Please allow ample time for processing and delivery).

I/We______________ of ______________ School, do solemnly declare and promise to help take care of, preserve, and respect our school's pond and/or all other wetlands that I/we may visit in the future.

I promise that from this day forward, I will:

  • leave nothing behind in any pond or wetland
  • safely clean up any garbage with the help of an adult, that I may see by our pond or any other wetland
  • not disrupt or destroy any wetland in any way
  • do my best to help protect and preserve wetlands and amphibian populations
  • make an effort to tell people about the importance of wetlands and amphibians and why they should be protected

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