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5.  Environmental Issues
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Wetland Curriculum Resource
Unit 5. Environmental Issues - Introduction

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This section introduces students to some of the environmental issues that scientists believe may be contributing to the decline of amphibian populations. Students will examine the causes for such declines, and identify the sources that are responsible. Students will gain a greater understanding of global degradation, and hopefully develop an environmental ethic that will instill a more positive attitude in contributing to a cleaner earth.

Most environmental issues are controversial, and emotions run high when they are being discussed. Frequently, discussions end up as non-productive confrontations between students or the teacher. Such situations can be avoided, or at least alleviated by using a scheme that systematically offers to the students all aspects of the background knowledge that need in order to make rational decisions. The productivity of the discussion is further enhanced by having as its end product, the development and implementation of an action plan that gets students actively involved in the issue being investigated.

Although this activity guides presents important information and issues, no unit on any environmental or social issue would be complete without a section that involves the student in positive action. All too often we present the information and the problem and leave the issue open; hoping that the youth will feel compelled to take action. But without a means for action, the students are often left feeling apathetic, wondering "How can my actions possibly affect a problem of this enormity? I am only one person". Without an answer, the student walks away from the problem feeling insignificant and helpless. Instead, we should answer these questions with a resounding, "You can do plenty!"


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