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1.  What you can do
2.  Water
3.  Ecology
4.  Amphibians
5.  Environmental Issues
6.  Keystone species
7.  Get Wet!-
     Field Study Ideas

8.  The Zoo Experience
9.  Frogs & Friends
10. Case Studies
11. Resources
12. Glossary

Wetland Curriculum Resource
Unit 2. Water - Introduction

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This module introduces students to one of the earth's most important life-support systems - the water cycle. Students are encouraged to develop a greater understanding of the role of water on the earth, and discuss the impact of water pollution on terrestrial and aquatic life. Students develop an understanding of the vast saltwater and the very limited freshwater resources on earth. Students identify how water flows and where it accumulates.

Discussions should illustrate the importance of water for all living things, not just humans. All organisms are interconnected through their dependence on water.


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