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1.  What you can do
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7.  Get Wet!-
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Wetland Curriculum Resource
Unit 7. Get Wet! - Field Study Ideas

(Level: 1 : 3)

What You Do:

The teacher may chose to guide and direct this activity using the process outlined below and the questions on the accompanying sheet. Older students may use this activity sheet on their own or while working in small groups.

  • Visit a local wetland. While on your hike, note the different types of ground that you are walking on (sand, pebbles, mud). With permission from your teacher, remove your shoes and socks and feel the different textures.
  • Look closely around you. What are the colours that you see? Do you notice much of a colour change in this environment?
  • Sit quietly in a spot and listen carefully. How many different sounds do you hear? If you close your eyes, do you hear anything else?
  • Do you notice how the wetland smells? Have you noticed these smells before? Find 5 different objects to smell.
  • Have your teacher or a classmate collect some natural objects. Put them all in a bag and compare how they feel. Close your eyes to see if you can identify them by touch only.

Use all of your senses to explore the wetland you are visiting today.

  1. What did you feel that was:
    sharp :: blunt :: smooth :: rough :: soft :: hard
  2. What did you see that was:
    red :: blue :: yellow
  3. What did you see that made you happy?
  4. What did you hear that sounded pleasant?
  5. What did you hear that sounded funny or that you had never heard before?
  6. Did you hear anything that sounded like it did not belong there?
  7. What did you smell that was pleasant?
  8. What did you smell that was unpleasant? What would cause an unpleasant smell?
  9. What did you smell for the very first time?

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