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1.  What you can do
2.  Water
3.  Ecology
4.  Amphibians
5.  Environmental Issues
6.  Keystone species
7.  Get Wet!-
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8.  The Zoo Experience
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Wetland Curriculum Resource
Unit 5. Environmental Issues -

7 : 10 acad : 10 appl : 11 appl)

Purpose: To identify services that promote wetland conservation and education, and recognize their goals and objectives.

What You Need: list of environmental groups, nature organizations, Natural Resources offices, Conservation Authorities.

What You Do:

  1. Select one or more of the following organizations and research their goals and objectives, and their commitment to the preservation and conservation of wetlands (contact information (address, phone numbers) appears in Unit 12. Resources):
    • Adopt-a-Pond Program, Toronto Zoo
    • Canadian Amphibian/Reptile Conservation Society
    • Canadian Nature Federation
    • Canadian Wildlife Federation
    • Canadian Wildlife Service
    • Conservation Authorities
    • Ducks Unlimited Canada
    • Environment
    • Federation of Ontario Naturalists
    • Ministry of Natural Resources (Ontario)
    • Nature Conservancy of Canada
    • World Wildlife Fund
  2. Discuss as a class, which organizations are successful in promoting their goals and objectives as a result of programs initiated, and the progress they have made in educating the public and contributing to wetland conservation.


  1. Develop your own personal commitment towards wetland conservation and become actively involved in a community group, organization, or club that promotes wetland conservation.

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