Giraffe house
White lions
African penguins
Wood bison
Bald eagle
Grizzly bear
Snowy owl
Arctic Fox
Arctic wolf
Polar bear
Sumatran tiger
Greater One-Horned Rhino House
Barbary Sheep
West Caucasian tur
Snow Leopards
Steller's Sea Eagle
Red panda
Amur Tiger
Komodo dragon
11:30 am
(Talk only)
Polar bears
12:00 pm
12:30 pm
(feeding only)
1:00 pm
11:30 am
(weather permitting)
1:30 pm
(weather permitting)
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
(weekends only)
2:30 pm
(Talk only)
Lake Malawi
12:30 pm
(feeding only)
Red Panda
11:30 am
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As Canadian winter approaches, enjoy over 10 km of wintery trails at the Toronto Zoo and visit our Canadian and Tundra animals in their natural winter habitats. Then, escape the cold and enter into the warmth of one of our FIVE INDOOR tropical pavilions!

Allow us to help you out with planning your trip this winter:

Eurasia Wilds Outdoor Experience: Be sure to stop by and get an up-close look at the beautiful endangered Amur tigers, the largest cats in the world. Plus, visit fan favourites like the red pandas, Steller's sea eagles in their aviaries, or visit our Bactrian camels and snow leopards.

Tundra Trek Outdoor Experience: Braving the Canadian winter has never been so much fun in our 10-acre Tundra Trek. Home to our polar bears, visit Aurora, Nikita, Hudson, Humphrey and Juno in our polar bear habitat complete with an underwater viewing area. Don't forget to catch our other snow-loving animals including the Arctic wolves, snowy owl and more. Come prepared with your hats and scarves, but don't worry, warmth is only a short walk away at our Americas pavilion!

Americas Indoor Pavilion: Enter through an aviary of free-flight birds and head to our primate habitats, home to the golden lion tamarin, common marmoset, and white-faced saki as well as our two-toed sloths. And if you're a fan of reptiles, insects and spiders, you don’t want to miss this pavilion with the Massasauga rattlesnake, giant bird eating spider and much more!

Canadian Domain Outdoor Experience:For those who dressed to brave the Canadian winter, the trek to the Canadian Domain will offer sightings of cougar, bald eagle, bison, moose and lynx.

African Savanna Outdoor Experience: Even though it's cold outside, a few of our African animals still enjoy the outdoors. Depending on the temperature, olive baboons, hyenas and cheetahs may be out throughout the day. Also meet our pride of white lions, including Lemon, Makali and Fintan. You will also be able to view our African penguins in their indoor swimming area and visit the Zoo’s tallest residents, our Masai giraffes Mstari and Kiko, in their indoor habitat.

African Rainforest Indoor Pavilion: The cutest pavilion of the year! Swing on by to the African Rainforest and meet our Western lowland gorilla troop in their indoor habitat including our newest troop member Charlie, who was born June 7, 2018. Then, just a few steps away are the pygmy hippos, with our recent calf Penelope, born August 10, 2018. This pavilion is also home to ring-tailed lemurs, Aldabra tortoises, royal pythons, slender-tailed meerkats, the beautiful Lake Malawi cichlids and much more!

Indo-Malaya Indoor Pavilion: This pavilion is full of personality! Our Sumatran orangutan troop never cease to entertain as they swing and play in their indoor habitat. Don’t forget to visit our playful white-handed gibbons, Sumatran tigers, giant reticulated python, free-flight birds and more!

Greater One-Horned Rhino House: Visit our indoor Greater One-Horned Rhino House to meet Vishnu, Nandu, Ashakiran and our newest addition, Kiran, born January 4, 2018.

Malayan Woods Indoor Pavilion: Experience amazing plant life as you enter this pavilion, followed by some scorpions and other creepy critters. This pavilion is also home to a pair of adorable Clouded leopards, Mingma and Pavarti!

Australasia Indoor Pavilion: Take a trip down under and discover some of the iconic animals of the Australasia region - from the gentle Matschie's tree kangaroo to the largest lizard in the world, the fierce komodo dragon. Then explore the Great Barrier Reef and spot moon jellies, pot-bellied seahorses and colourful tropical fish.
*Please note subject to change without notice.