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Orangutan Exhibit

Building a Noah's Ark for Orangutans!

Many experts estimate orangutans could be extinct in the wild by 2023. The total population of the Sumatran orangutan is now less than 14 percent of mid-twentieth century numbers. The rainforest home of these apes is diminishing due to logging, mining, forest fires, fragmentation by roads and palm oil plantations. Driven by international demand for palm oil used in cooking, cosmetics, mechanics and biodiesel, companies cut down vast areas of tropical forest, replant the land with oil palms and force animals from their natural habitats. Zoo's around the globe are preparing new facilities to ensure orangutans don't disappear forever.

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This project is an investment in the care and well-being of our animal ambassadors and the species survival efforts at the Toronto Zoo. Supporting or partnering with the Zoo demonstrates your commitment to the survival of species at risk.

For more information on corporate or personal donation opportunities, including naming, bequests or other gifts please contact:

Marion Zimmer
Senior Development Officer