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Outdoor and Indoor Exhibits
An important part of the Toronto Zoo's renewal plan is bigger and better exhibits for our Sumatran orangutans. The exhibits will provide a revitalization of the current indoor space and a new outdoor space for this critically endangered species. Mimicking natural rainforest environments, the new spaces will enhance the physical and mental health of these intelligent and playful apes, improve the viewing experience and allow us to better support global captive breeding efforts.

Outdoor and Indoor Exhibits

Inspiring Exhibits
The exhibit will provide:
  • An expanded and redesigned indoor Borneo-Sumatran Rainforest habitat, including natural habitat features and a possible mix with other species
  • A new outdoor area will more than double the living space and contribute greatly to our animals' overall health and well-being
  • Better enrichment elements such as cables and platforms, a tunnel and possibly an orangutan O-line in parallel with a visitor zip line
  • An improved visitor experience through better lines of sight, more interesting natural structures and more engaging interpretive features.

Inspiring Exhibits

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This project is an investment in the care and well-being of our animal ambassadors and the species survival efforts at the Toronto Zoo. Supporting or partnering with the Zoo demonstrates your commitment to the survival of species at risk.

For more information on corporate or personal donation opportunities, including naming, bequests or other gifts please contact:

Marion Zimmer
Senior Development Officer