Scenic Safari


  • What is the Scenic Safari Drive Thru Zoo?
  • The Toronto Zoo has created an innovative new plan to open the Zoo as a safe drive-thru experience while meeting and exceeding the government’s requirements set out in “A Framework for Reopening our Province”. The pre-booked driving route would allow guests to see the Zoo’s animals from the comfort and safety of their own vehicle along a 3.4 kms route. This tour Includes Indo-Malaya, African Savanna, Americas and Eurasia and is accompanied by an audio tour that can be downloaded at the time of ticket purchase. See full map below.
  • Where can I/Guests buy tickets?
  • Tickets are available ONLINE only at To ensure this experience is as safe as possible, all ticket sales will be cash-less transactions. All tickets will be purchased on-line and in advance for a specific timed entry ticket into the Zoo. Guests will be unable to purchase tickets onsite or at the admission gates.
  • What are the hours of operation for the Scenic Safari?
  • The Scenic Safari will be open DAILY from 11:00am-3:30pm (Last session leaving the front gates at 3:30pm with arrival to the North Service exit 45min-1hr after that). *Hours are set to expand.
  • How long is the Scenic Safari Experience?
  • The entire safari experience is 3.4 kms and takes approximately 45 min-1 hr. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to use the washrooms, and enjoy food, beverage and TZ retail shopping before their adventure begins!
  • What is the Scenic Safari Audio Tour?
  • Each guest can download and listen to a guided tour of the Scenic Safari on the Toronto Zoo’s WILD FOR LIFE podcast. They are encouraged to have it downloaded and ready to go before they arrive. They will be instructed to PLAY and PAUSE at various locations along the route. There is onsite signage (PRESS PLAY BUTTON) that corresponds with this audio tour. *please do not move or remove these signs.
  • What is the cost of the Scenic Safari?
  • $44 (2 Guests per Vehicle or Less) and $59 (3 Guests per Vehicle or More)
  • Do Members and Staff/Volunteers get a discounted rate?
  • Currently we are offering a $12 discount for Zoo staff/volunteers and Members.
  • Where is the Entrance to the Scenic Safari?
  • The Entrance to the Scenic Safari is through our main parking lot. Guests must enter into the main parking lot and can proceed to either the designated Washroom, Food and Retail locations or proceed to have their ticket scanned to enter the front gates and start their scenic safari.
  • Where is the exit of the Scenic Safari?
  • The exit of the Scenic Safari is at E GATE at North Service. During operations, Safety and Security Staff will be blocking off all parking on that side of the lot. This is to ensure all staff vehicles are safe and allows for a clear path out of the parking lot for guests. Additional signage has been added to guide guests towards Meadowvale Road/401.
  • Where will the Food Trucks and the Retail Pop Up Shop be located?
  • All washrooms, food trucks and the retail pop up shop are located in the Main Parking Lot – LOT E.
  • What food and retail options will be available during this time?
  • Beavertails, new #supportourtorontozoo apparel, mugs and keychains. There will also be new customized giraffe plush and souvenir TZ branded non-medical masks. Don’t forget to come and check it out! Please see below for full menu and some new retail offerings!
  • How is social distancing and COVID-19 precautions/guidelines being handled and communicated in the food, retail and washroom Scenic Safari market area?
  • A number of signs including 6ft “paw” prints (ground stickers) on the cement and animal themed social distancing signs have been created and installed in parking LOT E. In addition, Compass staff have been provided with instruction on safe food handling practices and will be wearing gloves and masks while interacting and providing food services to our guests. The parking lot has also been set up to ensure maximum guest and staff safety. All food and retail purchases will be cash-less. and staff will be ensuring that portable debit/credit card scanners will be sanitized after every transaction. The washrooms will be frequently cleaned to ensure the safety of our guests.
  • Where are Washrooms located and are they Wheelchair Accessible?
  • Washrooms are located in the main parking lot in LOT E. They are Wheelchair Accessible. There are no other public washrooms onsite. Guests are strongly encouraged to use washroom facilities before they proceed to Scenic Safari entrance.
  • Is the Scenic Safari safe for our staff?
  • Yes. This experience will have minimal to no contact between guests and Zoo staff/animals.. All staff working the Scenic Safari route will be outfitted in all required PPE with respect to working in and around vehicle traffic and the speed limit for vehicles has been posted at 5 km/hour. S&S staff will be present and in key areas along the route to assist with both staff and guest safety issues. All staff will be required to follow all COVID19 protocols and wear PPE. All staff will receive daily screening from the nurse upon arriving to work.
  • I am concerned about staff safety with vehicles on site?
  • S&S has developed a Scenic Safari response plan for responding to incidents on site. Staff traveling to and from work areas (both pedestrian and vehicle traffic), should avoid the Scenic Safari route and use alternate routes and paths. Attendants working the route will be able to assist with stopping Scenic Safari vehicles so our staff are able to safely traverse at crossroad areas as required. Staff walking on site should use extra caution and be aware of vehicle traffic radio call procedure for vehicles and emergencies onsite will be sent out to 1TZ separately.
  • I am concerned about animal welfare and the disruption to animals from vehicle traffic, what measures have been put in place to protect this?
  • We want to assure everyone that the Toronto Zoo puts the health and welfare of our animals as the top priory. The Zoo employs a full-time Manager of Welfare Science to ensure the wellbeing of our animals and we will continue to monitor the drive-thru experience and make any necessary changes or modifications as required.

    The animals at the Zoo enjoy large open outdoor habitats and the new driving route is spread over 3km. This eliminates any potential impact on the animals as the cars will always be several meters away from their habitats, and the animals can choose to be farther removed from the driving route in other parts of their extensive habitats. There are also physical glass barriers in areas that cars are closer in proximity to animal habitats which will eliminate potential noise.

    The new drive-thru only accommodates 40 cars per time slot, and there will be a strict 10km/hr speed limit and zero tolerance policy on excessive noise. This includes cars with exhaust systems that produce excessive noise and we prohibit the use of horns. We reserve the right to escort guests off Zoo grounds if we determine excessive noise is produced by guests or their vehicles.
  • I am concerned that there will be pollution and vehicle traffic created by the Zoo’s Scenic Safari and that it will have negative environmental impacts. What measures have been put in place?
  • We understand the concern of vehicle traffic and the impacts on our animals and the environment. The Zoo is only allowing 40 cars per time slot, to mitigate idling on-site and ensure the best experience for our guests. We also encourage guests to park in the Zoo's main parking lot and turn their engines off before proceeding for their purchased time slot. While driving on-site, vehicles will always be several metres away from animals and their habitats, so there is no risk for exhaust being in close proximity to the animals seen during the experience. The Zoo employs a full-time Manager of Welfare Science to ensure the wellbeing of our animals. We will continue to monitor the drive-thru experience and make any necessary changes or modifications as required.
  • There are a number of barriers and stanchions with Green Arrows, Play Buttons and Scenic Safari Terms and Conditions placed onsite. Can I move them?
  • No, please do not move or remove them. These are all strategically placed onsite to ensure safe and accurate wayfinding for our Scenic Safari route. These barriers and all signage are a very important part of our Safari operation. If you are unsure or have any questions regarding barriers please contact Guest Operations (Unit 32 or 33 on Channel 2).
  • Are guests permitted to take pictures/ video during their Scenic Safari experience?
  • Yes, guests are encouraged to take photos of their experiences. They are encouraged to tag the Toronto Zoo on all social media pages using #TZScenicSafari
  • Is there an email where guests/members can direct their questions or concerns?
  • Where can I find out more information?