Scenic Safari

Take a drive on the wild side!

Looking to get out of the house for a safe adventure? Now you can with our NEW Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari. Take a tour around the Zoo from the comfort of your own car with your very own Zoo Keeper commentary to learn about animals as you pass through the variety of Zoogeographic areas!

You’ll see the Zoo from a whole new perspective as you drive on staff-only roads, through the Zoo site, and even through the lion cave! Keep your eyes peeled at every turn, like you are on a real-life African safari – only this time, it’s with a variety of animals from around the world!*

*Please note on extremely hot days many animals may be in shaded areas and may be difficult to see.

What you need to know:
  • Tickets are available online only! Tickets are not being sold on site
  • BYOC (Bring your own car) Vehicle dimensions must not exceed 7ft. high or 9ft. wide
  • Safari patrons will not be allowed to leave their car at any point during the Safari
  • Washrooms will only be available prior to the safari
  • The tour is approximately 90min
  • Listen to a guided audio tour during your Scenic Safari through our Wild For Life podcast!
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    For a printable version of the Scenic Safari Audio Tour Script, click here
  • Click here for a printable Scenic Safari Bingo to play along while you drive through the Zoo!
  • Please leave pets at home as they are not permitted on Zoo grounds
  • Please read the Scenic Safari Terms and Conditions below
Car with 2 or less occupants
$44 Non-Member, $32 Member

Car with 3 or more occupants
$59 Non-Member, $47 Member

  • Scenic Safari Questions and Answers
    • What is the Scenic Safari?
    • This pre-booked driving route allows guests to see the Zoo’s animals from the comfort and safety of their own vehicle while on a leisurely drive along a 3.4-kilometre route through the Zoo. This tour Includes Indo-Malaya, African Savanna, Americas and Eurasia and is accompanied by the free Scenic Safari Audio Tour.
    • How much does the Scenic Safari cost?
    • Tickets for the Scenic Safari are sold per vehicle based on the number of occupants. For a vehicle with 2 occupants or fewer, tickets are $44 and for a vehicle with 3 occupants or more, tickets are $59. Children aged 2 and under are free and do not need to be counted as an occupant.
    • Where can I buy tickets for the Scenic Safari?
    • Tickets are available online only at Tickets must be purchased in advance and will not be available for sale on Zoo site. The Toronto Zoo is the only authorized seller of Scenic Safari tickets.
    • What are the hours of operation for the Scenic Safari?
    • Now through September 20th: Mondays only 9:00am-12:00pm
    • How long is the Scenic Safari?
    • The Scenic Safari is over 3-kilometres long and takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to take advantage of our accessible bathrooms located in the parking lot, as well as our pop-up retail shop and food services available for sale. These amenities will not be available once you’ve begun your Scenic Safari tour.
    • What is the Scenic Safari Audio Tour?
    • The Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari experience comes with a free Wild For Life podcast episode, specially created to help guide guests along the Scenic Safari tour. It’s like having a Toronto Zoo Keeper in the car with you! Guests are encouraged to download the podcast in advance, as wireless internet will not be available on site. Wild For Life is available for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.
    • Are there discounted tickets available?
    • The Toronto Zoo is pleased to offer a discount of $12 per vehicle to Toronto Zoo Members.
    • Where is the entrance and exit of the Scenic Safari?
    • The Entrance to the Scenic Safari is the same as during regular Zoo visits! Please visit us at 2000 Meadowvale Road and follow the signage to parking Lot 1. Once inside the lot, Toronto Zoo staff and signage will direct guests to the entry point to the drive-thru – right through our main gates! The tour exits the Zoo through the Administrative Support Centre parking lot located at 361A Old Finch Avenue, with signage posted to direct guests back towards Meadowvale Road and highway 401.
    • Can I purchase tickets at the Zoo?
    • No – Scenic Safari tickets are available online only at Tickets will not be available for purchase on site.
    • Do I need to buy a ticket for each person in my vehicle during the Scenic Safari?
    • No – tickets are priced per vehicle based on the number of occupants inside the vehicle. Children ages 2 and under are free.
    • What is the rate for the Scenic Safari for persons with a disability?
    • The cost is the same, however persons with a disability can allow one support person to accompany them in the vehicle for free, which may change the vehicle price based on occupancy.
    • Are there bathrooms on site? Where are they located?
    • Bathrooms are located in Lot 1, near the food and retail services. These bathrooms are monitored by our Staff and sanitized after each guest use. Please note, bathrooms will not be available along the route once you have entered the Scenic Safari.
    • What precautions is the Toronto Zoo taking to stop the spread of COVID-19 during the Scenic Safari?
    • The Toronto Zoo is committed to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the health of our staff, animals and guests. Signage has been installed on site as well as floor markers to help our guests maintain a physical distance while visiting us. We have also ensured that Toronto Zoo staff have been provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), trained on its proper use and have been screened by our Nurses or Safety & Security Officers before each shift.

      We have ensured that all points of contact between our staff and other guests have been set up to maximize personal space and limit physical interactions. All food and retail purchases will be cash-less, and staff will continue to ensure that debit/credit card machines are sanitized after each transaction.
    • I am concerned about animal welfare and the disruption to animals from vehicle traffic. What measures have been put in place to address this?
    • The Toronto Zoo puts the health and welfare of our animals as our top priory. The Zoo employs a full-time Manager of Welfare Science to ensure the wellbeing of our animals and we will continue to monitor the drive-thru experience and make any necessary changes or modifications as required.

      The animals at the Toronto Zoo enjoy large, open outdoor habitats and the new driving route is spread over 3.4 kilometres. This eliminates potential impact on the animals as guest vehicles will always be several meters away from animal habitats, and the animals can choose to be farther away from the driving route in other parts of their expansive habitats. There are also physical glass barriers in areas that cars are closer in proximity to animal habitats which will eliminate potential noise.

      The new drive-thru accommodates a limit of 40 vehicles per time slot, and there will be a strict 5km/hr speed limit and zero tolerance policy on excessive noise. This includes cars with exhaust systems that produce excessive noise and the use of horns is prohibited on Zoo site. The Toronto Zoo reserves the right to escort guests off Zoo grounds if we determine excessive noise is produced by guests or their vehicles, or if any actions are in violation of the Scenic Safari Terms & Conditions listed below and posted around Zoo site.
    • I am concerned that there will be pollution and vehicle traffic created by the Scenic Safari. What measures have been put in place to mitigate negative environmental impacts?
    • We understand the concern of vehicle traffic and the impacts on our animals and the environment. The Zoo is allowing a limit of 40 cars per time slot to mitigate idling and ensure the best possible experience for our guests. We encourage guests arriving early for their tour to park in the Zoo's main parking lot and turn their engines off before proceeding for their purchased time slot. While driving on site, vehicles will always be several metres away from animals and their habitats, so there is no risk for exhaust being in close proximity to the animals seen during the experience. The Zoo employs a full-time Manager of Welfare Science to ensure the wellbeing of our animals. We will continue to monitor the drive-thru experience and make any necessary changes or modifications as required.
    • I have purchased tickets and have questions about my purchase. Who should I contact?
    • Please email our Guest Relations team at and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to assist you.
    • Can guests take photos/videos during their Scenic Safari experience?
    • Yes! Guests may take as many photos and videos as they like. Don’t forget to tag us @thetorontozoo and hashtag #TZScenicSafari in your social media posts!
    • Can pets come along for the Scenic Safari experience?
    • No – please leave pets at home as they are not permitted on Zoo site. This is for the health and welfare of the 5,000+ animals in our care, many of them exotic and endangered species.
    • Can I drive my top-down convertible/open my sunroof on the Scenic Safari tour?
    • Due to the current physical distancing practices, all windows and sunroofs must remain closed for the duration of your Scenic Safari experience. Top-less convertibles and motorcycles will not be permitted on the Scenic Safari tour.
    • Do guests need to remain in their seats during the Scenic Safari?
    • The Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari is conducted on paths and roadways within the Zoo. Seat belts and proper use of car seats is regulated under the Highway Traffic Act. We recommend this as a safe practice when operating or when you are a passenger in a motor vehicle.
  • Scenic Safari Terms and Conditions
    • All persons entering the property, grounds and facilities do so entirely at their own risk and choose to do so under these conditions. No liability for loss, injury or damage will be accepted. The Toronto Zoo, the City of Toronto, and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority are not responsible for damage to vehicles.
    • In the event of a medical emergency, please stay inside your vehicle if feasible, and contact Toronto Zoo Safety & Security at 416-392-5902 for emergency assistance.
    • If your vehicle breaks down on the route, do not get out of your vehicle. Call Toronto Zoo Safety & Security at 416-392-5902 and wait for assistance.
    • Vehicle dimensions must not exceed height of 7 feet and width of 9 feet. Motorcycles are not permitted on the drive thru route.
    • Only members of the same household should travel in the same vehicle. Do not participate in the drive thru if you or anyone in the household is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or self isolating.
    • Please leave pets at home as they are not permitted on zoo grounds.
    • Please remain in your vehicle at all times. Keep all windows closed while on the drive thru route. For guest safety, all tailgate, van/car doors, and hatchbacks must remain closed at all times.
    • Please keep noise to a minimum, use of your horn is prohibited. Exhaust system must not emit excessive noise. We reserve the right to escort guests off of Zoo grounds if we determine excessive noise is produced by guests or their vehicles.
    • Follow the guided route and do not exceed the maximum speed limit of 16 km/h.
    • Obey all signs and staff direction.
    • Please help keep the zoo clean. Keep all waste or recyclables in your car and properly dispose of your trash in a trashcan or recycle container after leaving Zoo grounds. Be responsible stewards of the environment.
    • The Toronto Zoo is smoke and vaporizer free. Smoking of any kind is not permitted on zoo grounds including in your vehicle.
    • Alcohol is not permitted on zoo property. We reserve the right to escort guests off of zoo grounds if they are found to be disregarding our policies.
    • Any behaviour that disrupts another guest’s enjoyment, is seen as harmful to the animals, or breaks any of the City of Toronto bylaws or Federal or Provincial law, may result in immediate ejection from the Zoo and could lead to prosecution. For a full list of bylaws please click here
    • Experience is rain or shine
    • Please note not all the animals may be visible on the route
    • If you require assistance while on site please call 416-392-5901. If you have a general enquiry before your experience please email or call Guest Relations at (416) 392-5932.

Tickets now on sale now through September

Please note tickets MUST be pre-purchased in advance online before arrival as this is a time-ticketed experience.