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Cold weather does not stop conservation work at the Toronto Zoo! Our Native Bat Conservation Program staff braved the snow in December to retrieve the last of the Zoo’s bat recorders. The recorders have a sensitive microphone and record the ultrasonic calls made by bats flying past. This gives us an amazing insight into the nocturnal activity in our own back yard!

Recent activity has been much lower than the summer, but bats are not completely absent in the fall. The team recorded the last bat activity on Monday, December 4, 2017. Bats in Ontario overwinter by either hibernating or migrating south to warmer areas. For the bats that hibernate, winter is not one long sleep. They occasionally wake up on warmer days to urinate, drink, or move around. The bats recorded late in the season are likely to be hibernating locally.

With four of the eight species of bats found in Eastern Canada listed as endangered, the Toronto Zoo is doing everything we can to understand more about bats and what we can do to save them. Keep an eye on the bat conservation page for updates on bat related events and activities with the Zoo later this year!

You Can Make A Difference! If you are interested in learning more about bats and what you can do to help, The Toronto Zoo has many excellent resources available to the public. Our Bat Conservation Guide is available both online as a PDF and through the Toronto Zoo Bat App available on the Google Play Store. These resources provide information on the bats of Ontario, the problems they face, and even how to build your own bat house!

CLICK HERE for More Information on the Zoo’s Native Bat Program

LEFT: Toby Thorne, Toronto Zoo Bat Researcher uninstalls an acoustic recorder and RIGHT: Toronto Zoo Staff with acoustic recorder. NOTE* microphone, mounted high on the tree to increase the chance of recording bats. Photo Credit: Toronto Zoo.

The above illustration is a graph of the bat sounds that were recorded. This was our last bat of the season, recorded on Monday, December 4, 2017. The file is of low quality; however a sequence of calls can be discerned from the background noise. They are most likely calls of a big brown bat. Photo Credit: Toronto Zoo.

Toronto Zoo's Bat Conservation Programs & Materials

Bat App

Bats Conservation Guide

Canadian winter is in full swing! Enjoy over 10 km of wintery trails at the Toronto Zoo and visit our Canadian and Tundra animals in their natural winter habitats. Then, escape the cold and enter into the warmth of one of our FIVE INDOOR tropical pavilions!


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