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2014 Weekly Media Send Outs

Today we are going to witness the most anticipated match in the history of Toronto Zoo for the giant panda championship of Canada. Both our adorable pandas, on a diet of 42-64 kg of bamboo a day, will combat for cuteness. As our first Battle of the Bears, please watch as they play in their indoor habitats for the chance to win the Giant Panda Cuteness of Toronto.

Let's get reeeaddyy to RUMMBBLE!

Visit Da Mao and Er Shun this May-long weekend, we are OPEN!

CLICK HERE to visit our Facebook Page and watch the Battle of the Bears!

PLUS, what better place to kick off the nice weather this long weekend than the Toronto Zoo! Grab your troop and head to the wildest spot in Toronto!

Drop by and visit our adorable Zoo babies including Humphrey our polar cub, Mstari our Masai giraffe, Luke and Leia our Grevy's zebras, Nneka the female baby gorilla and more!  Enjoy close up and personal encounters in the Kids Zoo, and be sure to take in and enjoy daily Animal Showsand Keeper Talks and so much more this long weekend!

Splash Island is now OPEN on weekends from 10:30am to 6:00pm. Beat the heat at our two acre splash pad for non-stop fun and adventure! Let the kids explore amongst water-spouting animals, water tipping buckets, water slides and more!

Best of all, they are all FREE with Zoo admission!

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Celebrating 40 years of saving and protecting species. 

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