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Meet the Polar Parents


Name: Aurora
Weight: 800 lbs
Birthday: December 2000
Aurora has been a part of the Toronto Zoo family since 2001 when she arrived with her twin sister Nikita. As they were both rescued, we have an estimated birthday of December 2000 making her about 13 years old. Aurora and her sister are hard to tell apart but the keepers have discovered that the easiest way to tell is to look at their tongues. Aurora has pink splotches, while Nikita's tongue is a darker purplish black throughout.

Polar Bear Keeper Fun Fact: Aurora absolutely loves getting frozen water melon in the summer!


Name: Inukshuk
Weight: 1070 lbs
Birthday: December 2002
Inukshuk has been a part of the Toronto Zoo family since 2003 and is definitely one of our biggest members! Rescued from the wild as well, Inukshuk has an estimated birthday of December 2002, so he is about 11 years old. Sadly his mother was killed by hunters, and it is said that as a cub he was found pawing at the police station door in Fort Severn - what a miraculous story! Inukshuk spends his winters in Cochrane, Ontario where there is plenty of snow for him to explore. He has been a great polar bear dad for us here at the Toronto Zoo, producing three of our cubs in the last few years, including Hudson, Humphrey and our newest little female!

Polar Bear Keeper Fun fact: Inukshuk is pretty goofy, and is a big fan of eating fish during keeper talks and dropping fish heads to the bottom of pool.