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New White Lion Cubs

Visit Our Cubs
Before They Go:

Hank, Harrison, Oliver and Gus, will be embarking on an exciting journey to Parc Safari in Quebec in early 2017. Visitors will have a chance to see the Zoo’s 15 month old white lion cubs over the holiday break for one last time. This move for the four cubs signifies the next step in their behavioural development as they will have the opportunity to form their own pride.

The birth of Makali's cubs has been a wonderful opportunity to spread the word on the plight of African lions in the wild. As one of the Zoo's key mandates is to educate visitors on current conservation issues and help preserve biodiversity, these cubs help highlight the importance of lion conservation and what is being done to preserve this magnificent species in Africa. The Toronto Zoo supports lion conservation efforts in the wild through the Toronto Zoo Endangered Species Reserve Fund.

Toronto Zoo is inviting visitors to come out to the Zoo over the Holiday Break and attend the daily Lion Keeper Talk at 1:30 pm* to say farewell to the white lion cubs! *Note, viewing times will be weather dependent.

One Year Update

Although our white lion cubs may look alike, at one year old they have developed quite distinct personalities!

Oliver is our little trouble maker, and has always been this way. When they were really tiny, he was always the one that mom was carrying around in her mouth and she would pick him up and put him in the house. He was the only one that didn't listen to mom. She would vocalize and the cubs would come running, but Oliver would run in the opposite direction. The first time the cubs went with dad Fintan, Oliver daringly swatted him across the face. He is usually the most active and the goofiest and definitely has the strongest personality. He is the most animated with his tail as well.

Gus is the one with the biggest mane so far and probably has the most testosterone. As a result, he tends to be more vocal and tough. He is a bit of a momma's boy and spends lots of time hanging out with her.

Harrison from a very young age acted like a tough male. He spent lots of time trying to copy the adult male vocalizations.

Hank is the cub that we refer to as the "hairdresser". He loved lying on dad and ripping dads’ mane out hence Fintan's cropped hairstyle ;). He also loves grooming all of the other lions and is a very sweet cat.

Stop by to visit our white lion pride in the African Savanna daily!

Ten Month Update

Cubs, they grow so fast!
Our lion cubs Gus, Oliver, Hank and Harrison continue to look more and more like dad, Fintan every day. Be sure to visit them in the African Savanna from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm daily.

Nine Month Update

Seven Month Update

Cubs, they grow so fast!
Now over 7 months old, all four male cubs, Hank, Gus, Oliver and Harrison, continue to be rambunctious cubs often seen wrestling with one another and playing with the rest of the pride.

Our White Lion Cubs Have Names!

Although we sometimes host naming contests, here at the Toronto Zoo our keepers work very closely with our animals and in this case we've given them the opportunity to name our white lion cubs. Our African Savanna keeper team chose the following names for our male lion cubs and we're excited to share them with you.

WATCH below to see their names revealed:

Seventeen Week Update

Our white lion cubs continue to grow and have slowly been introduced to dad Fintan. Every weekday, keepers are working on integrating the pride with Fintan and the cubs. All cubs are over 30lbs and as you can see, they are still very active, playful and rambunctious!

Two Month Update

Our cubs are growing! All four now weigh between 18.8 and 21.1 lbs. We are continuing to increase their meat intake and they are now being offered 120 g per cub per day. Keepers are now providing them with access to outdoor play areas as the weather permits. The cubs are very playful and have become quite rambunctious. Makali is very patient with her four boys, and continues to be a great mom raising them.

Six Week Update

Toronto Zoo White Lion Cub Six Weeks Old.jpg
Makali's four cubs are now just over six weeks old and are continuing to grow! Now weighing between 13-14 lbs they have become quite fuzzy and increasingly more active, and follow mom around the maternity den. They have become much more playful and quite curious as you can see here with their first interaction with an enrichment ball.

One Month Update

Toronto Zoo White Lion Cub and Mom 1 Month Old
At one month old, Makali's cubs continue to grow! Approximately the size of an 8 week old Labrador puppy, they are becoming quite fuzzy and are all active, mobile and very playful. They continue to receive all of their nutrients from Makali, who is currently consuming twice her regular daily food intake, just to keep up the energy to nurse her four cubs!