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Er Shun

Date Of Birth: August 10, 2007

Er Shun came to the Toronto Zoo from Chongqing China in 2013 and she has been a crowd favourite ever since. Her sweet nature has stolen the hearts of Zoo staff and visitors alike. Er Shun is very trusting of her keepers, and they say she is more reserved and less inquisitive than Da Mao. She has done very well with her training, and now knows about 10 trained behaviours, including allowing the vets to do ultrasounds. Er Shun is generally happy with any training exercises as long as apples are involved! Keepers say her favoured enrichment item tends to be the ones she can rip apart, like the panda piñatas on special holidays.

Who’s the dad?

In May 2015, Er Shun underwent two non-surgical artificial insemination (AI) procedures. Zoo staff and a giant panda breeding expert from Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China used sperm collected from Da Mao, our male panda, for the first procedure and frozen sperm collected from two giant pandas in China that were imported to the Zoo in 2014. The two other possible fathers are Qiubang and Xiongbang from Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. DNA testing will be done on the cubs to determine who the father is.