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Toronto Zoo Animal Outreach™

The Toronto Zoo's Animal Outreach program™ brings Canada's Premier Zoo to YOU! Dynamic, interactive presentations feature unusual and exotic animals and make learning about wildlife fun. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, if you are looking to add some wild fun to your next corporate function, community event, or private affair, think Toronto Zoo Animal Outreach™!

Events are booked on a first-come, first-served basis - so apply TODAY!

Download an application form (PDF)

For more information, please call (416) 392-5964

Meet Our Animal Visitors

Our Toronto Zoo Animal Outreach™ family ranges from impressive 1,600 pound camels and majestic bald eagles to black rat snakes.


  • Domestic ferret*
  • Dumbo eared rat*
  • Goat*
  • Striped Skunk*
  • Woodchuck*
  • Barred owl
  • Blue & gold macaw
  • Great horned owl
  • Green-winged macaw
  • Gyrfalcon
  • Harris hawk
  • Lanner falcon
  • Pied imperial pigeon*
  • Red-tailed hawk
  • Spectacled owl
  • Bearded dragon*
  • Black rat snake*
  • Blue-tongued skink*
  • Eastern box turtle*
  • Eastern fox snake*
  • Eastern milk snake*
  • Honduran milk snake*
  • Guyanese red-tailed boa*
  • Royal (ball) python*



  • Alpacas*
  • Miniature donkey*
  • Bactrian camel*
  • Bald eagle

PLEASE NOTE: Staff and animal availability are contingent on prior scheduling, animal requirements and possible event site inspection. For their health, safety and wellbeing, individual animals will be handled for a maximum of 50 continuous minutes, after which they require a minimum 20 minute break

*animal is touchable at the Keeper’s discretion and comfort level of the animal.

Getting up-close and personal with the Toronto Zoo's animals will leave a lasting impression and make your event memorable! This one-of-a-kind experience provides first-hand opportunities to feel an alpaca's woolly coat, hear the haunting calls of an owl, or touch the prickly spines of a prehistoric-looking insect. While we do our very best to accommodate all requests, animal visitors are subject to change due to animal health and safety.

Have the Zoo come to you!

Each animal visitor is accompanied by an experienced Zoo Keeper who will help you discover fun, educational, and sometimes unusual information about each amazing animal. Depending on your event, your animal visit can include:
  • Formal Keeper presentations
  • Question & answer periods
  • Up close and personal experiences with the keepers and animals
  • Photo opportunities - don't forget to bring your camera!
To complement your live animal visitors, why not add an assortment of amazing bio-facts that you can touch and feel, pick up, and investigate? Where else will you be able to run your fingers through the fur of an exotic animal like a polar bear, cougar, or tiger (without losing any fingers!)? Or get hands-on with skulls, bones, and teeth from the world's diverse wildlife?

A visit by the Toronto Zoo Animal Outreach program™ is sure to be the highlight of any event, large or small. Contact us now to book your visit!

Download an application form (PDF)

For more information, please call (416) 392-5964

Off-site Program Range

Our Animal Outreach program visits most parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), detailed on the map below, so even if you can't make it to the Zoo, you can still experience some wild fun!

A surcharge will apply to all approved events outside of our green area.

Animal Outreach Options

Animal encounters don't stop with off-site events: Toronto Zoo Animal Outreach™ has numerous other programs available. Click to the options below for more details!

Events at the Zoo
Make your event at the Toronto Zoo even more special by having an animal visitor!