Toronto Zoo Events Calendar

Find Zelf This Holiday Season

December 1 to December 24

Our resident Zoo elf, affectionately known as “Zelf”, is up to some WILD mischief this holiday season. He’s traveling around the Zoo playing hide-and-seek with the animals and we need your help finding him!

Between December 1 and December 24, if you spot Zelf, snap a photo, tag us @TheTorontoZoo, and use hashtag #ZelfOnAShelf for a chance to win a behind-the-scenes tour!


Please note that the African Savanna will be closed to the public on Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27 for a 19+ event. African Rainforest Pavilion, Masai giraffes, river hippos, hyenas, Watusi cattle, African penguins and access to the Canadian Domain will not be affected by this closure.

Please note, we currently do not accept cash at the Toronto Zoo.

*Please note all events subject to change without notice.