Toronto Zoo Events Calendar

Give the gift of enrichment to our animals this holiday season!

December 1 to January 5, 2020

Our 5,000 animals are on the nice list this year and you can give them their favourite enrichment item by donating to our Giving Tree. Your donation will go towards purchasing new enrichment items as part of our Behavioural Husbandry Program. This program is designed to provide experiences that mimic their natural behaviour and provide mental stimulation within their environments. By giving our animals the choice to play, smell, or manipulate a variety of items we encourage them to exhibit these natural behaviours resulting in a benefit to the animals’ overall health and welfare!

You can purchase such items as:

 $25 - Your gift of $25 could go towards the purchase of; tea for Charles the  gorilla,  DVD's for Moja our hyena, balls and brushes for our Sumatran orangutans and building blocks for Octavia the octopus.

$50 – Your gift of $50 could go towards the purchase of; a hammock for our olive baboons to relax in, aqua toys for our African penguins, or floating disks for our river otters RJ & Talise.

$100 – Your gift of $100 could go towards the purchase of; Amazing Graze feeders for our white rhino Theo, a set of steel bells for sensory enrichment for our red pandas, or scratch pads for our snow leopards Kita, Mylo & Ena

$250 – Your gift of $250 could go towards the purchase of; heavy duty Boomer balls for Hudson the polar bear, barrels for Hari the Sumatran tiger, or a month’s supply of flavoured “Likit” inserts for our Masai giraffes Kiko & Mstari.

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Please note, Weston Pond washrooms in the Canadian Domain will not be accessible due to maintenance. Moose and Grizzly will not be viewable. 

Please note, the underwater viewing tunnel at the Polar Bear Habitat is currently closed for maintenance until further notice. The polar bears remain viewable during this time.

Please note, the Wildlife Health Centre Viewing Gallery will be closed the full day of March 23 and will be closed as of 2pm on April 23.
Please note the Great Barrier Reef section of the Australasia Pavilion will be closed until further notice for routine maintenance.
*Please note all events subject to change without notice.