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The Toronto Zoo is a not-for-profit organization committed to energy efficient operations and environmental protection. The Zoo has motivated of volunteers, seasonal and full time staff that understand the importance of living sustainably in balance with nature. We understand and accept that climate change is a real threat to earth's biodiversity, perhaps most acutely to our own species. We accept that humans are largely responsible for global warming as a result of our use of non-renewable energy resources and emission of greenhouse gases. We encourage people to lessen their ecological footprint on the earth.

Our vision toward a green and sustainable future will include:
  • Eco-ethical partnerships
  • Green funding plans
  • Green staff culture
  • Promotion of green programs and achievements
  • Sustainable energy use and production

Wildlife Conservation and Sustainable Living 2011 PDF

In our continued efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, the Zoo has produced a Wildlife Conservation and Sustainable Living Guide detailing our practices and policies. To view the report please click here for the PDF.

The Zoo's "Coolest" Green Technology

The Ice Bear storage technology is the Zoo's latest green technology and can be seen just outside the Caribou café. The unit stores energy at night, when demand on the grid is low. It then uses this energy during the day in the building's air conditioning system.

Green roofs

Green roofs, also known as 'living roofs' or 'eco-roofs', are the wave of the future in sustainable design, and the Toronto Zoo is surfin' right along with them!


In June 2008 the Toronto Zoo opened its first geothermal exhibit for the lion-tailed macaques! This exhibit uses the earth's energy to heat and cool itself throughout the year. Visitors can have hands on experience with this innovative technology and feel the mulch temperature just outside of the exhibit!

Zoo Poo to Biogas Energy; great pootential

The Zoo is going to make good use of our animal waste by using it to create biogas generated electricity.

Green eco-zoo team

The Green Eco-Zoo Team (GEZT) is a non-technical advisory committee to the General Manager.