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Sustainability Primer
  • The case for sustainability and its relationship to innovation and employee engagement
  • An overview of various problem-solving styles and how to leverage them
  • A summary of some disruptive thinking tools/techniques and immediate use of 2 of these tools
  • The key elements of a business environment (aka “climate”) which will embrace changes related to sustainability
Don Chapman

Durham Sustain Ability
1.5 hours $550
Sustainability QuickStart Program
  • This program will include all of the content of the Primer Program (above) plus...
  • A self-assessment of each participant’s problem-solving style and a facilitated discussion on how styles can be useful in architecting effective teams
  • Introduction to 3-6 innovative thinking tools
  • A self-assessment and discussion of the “climate” of your organization as it relates to acceptance of changes related to sustainability
Don Chapman

Durham Sustain Ability
3 hours $1,050
Business Strategy Using real world examples, Summerhill will make a Business Case for Environmental Sustainability. Topics covered could include:
  • Driving Cost Out through enhanced energy and waste management
  • Strategic Partnerships with other sectors
  • Industry Specific Case Studies
  • Communication
Summerhill 45- 60 min + Q and A $500
The Business Case for Sustainability For Green Teams who are at the beginning stages of their sustainability journey, this workshop provides a breakdown of how common sustainability initiatives will impact your company's income statement. It arms your entire Green Team with the right language to discuss sustainability strategies with CFOs and financial managers. Tim Nash

The Sustainable Economist
2 hours (1hr lecture + 1hr workshop) $800
Green Team GAP Assessment Workshop In this hands-on workshop, kick off your Green Team Efforts, Revitalize or Refocus your Team's priorities. It is a great Team building exercise!
  • Work through a 51 point Green Action Plan Checklist (Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation and Healthy Office)
  • Conduct a Materiality Assessment of your Greening Activities to prioritize.
  • Develop an action plan.
  • Receive Membership to Sustainability Learning Centre's Community of Practice and resources (videos, and toolkits)
  • Receive credits toward Green Team University Certification.
Kathryn Cooper

Sustainability Learning Centre
4 hours $600
Energy Assessment
  • Tracking energy use
    -why to do it
    -how to do it (including energy audits)
  • Changes your business can make to save energy
    -technological (lights, HVAC controls, VFDs, etc.)
  • Financing and implementing your changes
- conventional financing and returns from energy efficiency improvements
-government sponsored and mandated assistance
  • ISO 50001 implementation
Durham Sustain Ability 1-1.5 hours $400
Long Term Energy Planning Using Case Studies and current Best Practices explore how a long term energy strategy can benefit your business. Topics discussed will include:
  • Purchasing Strategy
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Innovative Technologies and Control Systems
  • Conservation and Demand Management
  • Utility Programs and Incentives
Summerhill 45 - 60 min + Q and A $500
Know Your Carbon Footprint: Seminar Best Practices in GHG Audits:
  • Carbon Footprint Tracking
  • Calculating
  • Reporting
$250.00 Off coupon for e3 products/services (min. $500.00 purchase and other conditions apply).
J.P. Brown e3 Solutions 1 hour $350
Know Your Carbon Footprint: Seminar & Workshop Includes the above seminar, plus a workshop to help your organization achieve the following:
  • Develop a carbon footprinting plan for your organization, including scoping, boundary setting, identification of emissions sources, identification of data sources, selection of calculation methods, and selection of estimate models, if applicable.
  • Details correct reading of particular bills and other data sources
NOTE: Requires advanced submission of materials. Does not include actual report preparation. Only sample calculations provided. Limited to one representative facility.

$250.00 Off coupon for e3 products/services (min. $500.00 purchase and other conditions apply).
J.P. Brown e3 Solutions 5 hours $1,000
Stormwater management Did you know that by controlling rain water runoff, you can mitigate pollution of our lakes and rivers? Some ideas on what you can do on your property. Durham Sustain Ability 1-1.5 hours $400
Go Green Team The top 15 environmental footprint actions you can do at home and save $ 10,000.

In this workshop we'll share a fun and fast paced list of actions that you can do at home that would save enough for a trip for two to Aruba!

Each participant can calculate their environmental footprint and share the top actions that they can take.
Kathryn Cooper

Sustainability Learning Centre
1.5 hours $ 400
Climate Change and Air Pollution
  • Science
  • Risks
  • Planet and Health
  • Opportunities
  • Sources
  • Impacts
  • Indoor Air Quality
Summerhill 45 - 60 min + Q and A $500
Developing Green Habits for Sustainability Workshop We have often heard it said that we are "creatures of habit" and changing these habits into "sustainable or green" habits will be next to impossible.

In this workshop we examine the habit assertions of Charles Duhigg, author of "The Power of Habit - Why we do what we do in life and business". Duhigg argues that, while deeply ingrained, habits can be changed and there are effective ways to change them.

In this session you will learn:
  • how the brain works to establish and use habits in our daily lives
  • the elements and workings of the "habit loop"
  • the power of belief—and the importance of social groups in helping create belief for successful habit transformation
  • how deliberate group leadership can shape the habits of organizations
  • how keystone habits, at the center of our personal lives, are pivotal when it comes to larger organizations and how the greatest keystone habit of all: willpower can best be cultivated
  • How social movements, such as sustainability, tend to follow a three-part process to establish new habits.
  • Discuss a list of actions to promote Green Habits in your Workplace.
Kathryn Cooper

Sustainability Learning Centre
2 hours $425
Engagement Effective Engagement is the key to having an impact and building your brand. Explore how you can inspire behavior change for the planet with your employees, customers, and community. Summerhill 45 - 60 min + Q and A $500
Inspiring Engagement in Sustainability

- insights on the psychology of engagement & culture change
In this workshop assess your engagement strategy using the System Model of Engagement for Sustainability
  • Use a diagnostic tool to create an action plan for embedding sustainability in your organization's culture.
  • Use a 13 point checklist to design your program and review a roadmap plan.
  • Discuss your priorities for your Engagement Roadmap Plan.
  • Learn from best practice case studies.
Kathryn Cooper

Sustainability Learning Centre
4 hours $600
Waste and Product Stewardship We all have a role to play in managing the end of life of the products that we manufacture, import, purchase or use. Learn what your options are for keeping your waste out of landfill and how Extended Producer Regulations will impact your business and you as an individual. Content will be tailored to your business sector and will include information related to:
  • Waste Reduction and Diversion
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Product Stewardship
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
Summerhill 45 - 60 min + Q and A $500
The Green Transition Scoreboard The global green economy has seen private investments of $5.2 Trillion since 2007. Yes, that's trillions with a 'T'. The green economy is much larger than most people realize! As Director of Research for the Green Transition Scoreboard, Tim Nash paints a compelling image of humanity's ongoing transition from the dirty dinosaur economy into a clean green economy. This is a good news lecture that will inspire your Green Team. Tim Nash

The Sustainable Economist
1.5 hours (1hr lecture + 30 min Q and A) $600
How Sustainability Affects Your Stock Price Globally, investors with $34 trillion under management have signed the UN's Principles for Responsible Investments. As investors integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data into their valuation models, sustainability indicators are playing a bigger role in stock price performance. This workshop provides details into how investment analysts are using your sustainability data, and will help your Green Team prioritize initiatives that will make your stock price rise. Tim Nash

The Sustainable Economist
2 hours
(1hr lecture + 1hr workshop)
Biogas- The power of Zoo poo This module will teach participants about what biogas is, how it's made, and what different sources of waste can produce in biogas/power output. It will also touch on some key drivers of this growing industry and include a case study of the biogas plant being developed at the Toronto Zoo by ZooShare Biogas Co-operative. Daniel Bida

ZooShare Biogas Co-operative
1 hour $200
Facilitation Summerhill will use a combination of lecture, “show and tell” and guided facilitation to build and orient a cross functional team of employees toward common sustainability goals. There will be an educational module, teambuilding elements and a forum to identify barriers, and find solutions. Enterprises will come away from this workshop with a strong, effective, focused team, and an awareness of the various roles required to successfully take their sustainability platform to the next level, and to position the business as a leading advocate for the environment. Summerhill 2 - 3 hours $975

Meet the Keeper Options

We can arrange a special meet the keeper talk at many of our animals. The following have proved to be successful during our ECOexecutive workshops, and offer good opportunities to discuss sustainability issues.
  • Gorilla
  • Polar bear
  • Giant panda
  • Vancouver Island Marmot
  • Concave casqued hornbill

Behind the Scenes Tour Options

If you have a particular behind the scenes request for an area or animal please call to discuss availability. Possible options include;
  • Indian rhino
  • Lions
  • Reproductive laboratories
  • Nutrition Centre