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Veterinary Programs
Where would a giraffe with a tummy ache go at the Zoo? To the Wildlife Health Centre of course! The brilliant staff here is made up of veterinarians, technicians, animal keepers and an administrative clerk, who work together to maintain the health of all the animals at Toronto Zoo.
In 1974, Toronto Zoo was the first zoo in North America to employ a full-time nutritionist and, to date, remains the only zoo in Canada to do so. The Animal Nutrition Centre (ANC) has developed balanced diets to ensure the optimal health and wellbeing of a wide variety of species.
When you come to the zoo, do you ever wonder what the animals are thinking? So do we! That’s why we take the time to study their behaviour; what the animals are doing tells us what they are thinking.
Reproductive Research
The Toronto Zoo is the only Canadian zoo with a reproductive physiologist on staff. Located within the Animal Health Centre, the Reproductive Physiology unit consists of two laboratories, the Endocrinology Lab and Gamete Biology Lab , where staff, students and visiting scientists work together to investigate fundamental problems related to reproduction in non-domestic species.
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