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1.  What you can do
2.  Water
3.  Ecology
4.  Amphibians
5.  Environmental Issues
6.  Keystone species
7.  Get Wet!-
     Field Study Ideas

8.  The Zoo Experience
9.  Frogs & Friends
10. Case Studies
11. Resources
12. Glossary

Wetland Curriculum Resource
Unit 7. Get Wet! - Field Study Ideas

Use this checklist (available here if you cannot view pop-up windows) to determine what you might need for your studies (the teacher should decide this before the group heads out. Instructions for home-made versions of items marked (*) appear on the "Make Your Own..." page.

Each Group:

For each student: Appropriate cloths for weather conditions, rubber boots or waterproof fishing boots/hip waders, extra socks, sunscreen and hat, lunch or snack.


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